WA State Looks at Offering Third “Gender” on Birth Certificates

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According to news reports, the State of Washington is weighing a proposed rule change that would allow people to list a third “gender” on their birth certificates.

Currently, birth certificates in Washington contain a space to list a person’s sex as male or female. Under the new rule, people who do not self-identify as either male or female would be able to put an X in that space.

Many of the people who support the rule change feel as if they are not truly male or female — calling themselves “non-binary.”

All of this reminds me of an article our friends at the Colson Center for Christian Worldview wrote in 2014:

We’re all familiar with the argument by now: homosexual attraction is an innate characteristic—maybe genetic. Therefore, denying same-sex attracted individuals the ‘right’ to get married is the same as racism.

But an alternate narrative has appeared on the horizon, and by ‘horizon,’ I mean the cover of a recent TIME Magazine issue, where it’s used to promote the ‘T’ in the acronym ‘LGBT.’ The ‘T,’ of course, stands for ‘transgender,’—those who say their biological sex and their perceived gender don’t match. The mantra here goes, ‘I was born this way, but I want to change. In fact, I have a right to change.’

So we’re told that the biology of the ‘L,’ the ‘G,’ and the ‘B’ can’t change. But when it comes to ‘T,’ the biology doesn’t matter.

Confused? Well, you’re not alone.

You cannot in one breath say a person’s biology controls their feelings — as many homosexuals claim — and in the very next breath say a person’s feelings are more important than their biology — as transgender and “non-binary” people claim. The two arguments contradict each other.


U.S. Recognizes Jerusalem as Capital of Israel

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Today President Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Below is a statement from our friends at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) about this historic event:

Today is a historic day for the U.S.-Israel relationship. For the first time, the United States officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

AIPAC has always supported American recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s undivided capital city, and we commend President Trump’s momentous announcement and decision to initiate relocating the U.S. embassy there.

This recognition is a long-overdue step to implement U.S. law. The Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 declared that Jerusalem “should remain an undivided city,” and “the United States Embassy in Israel should be established in Jerusalem.” AIPAC strongly supported passage of that act, which Congress overwhelmingly adopted on a bipartisan basis.

Importantly, relocating the embassy to Jerusalem does not in any way prejudge the outcome of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, to include establishing two states for two peoples and resolving Palestinian claims to the eastern portion of the city and the disposition of holy places. Rather, this announcement acknowledges that Jerusalem will continue to be Israel’s capital as part of any conceivable final status agreement.

The Jewish people have maintained a constant presence in Jerusalem, their holiest city, for more than 3,000 years. Israel declared the city its capital following its reestablishment in 1948. When the United States ultimately relocates its embassy to Jerusalem, it will treat Israel as it does every other country with which we have diplomatic relations.

Today’s action by President Trump is an important, historic step for which we are grateful. We urge the president to quickly relocate our embassy to Israel’s capital.


Here’s a Video I Think You’ll Like…

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We’re counting down to Christmas at our office.

Here is a video with a little Christmas music for you and your family. You can watch it here or below.

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