Commission Announces Locations for Marijuana Farms in Arkansas

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Yesterday the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission announced the five companies who will be authorized to grow marijuana in Arkansas.

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette writes,

The winning bidders are:

-Natural State Medicinals Cultivation of Jefferson County

-Bold Team LLC (Woodruff County)

-Natural State Wellness Enterprises (Jefferson and Jackson counties)

-Osage Creek Cultivation (Carroll County)

-Delta Medical Cannabis Company Inc. (Jackson County)

Each group can only operate one growing center, so Natural State Wellness Enterprises must chose between its two winning proposals.

The Arkansas Constitution lets cities and counties vote to prohibit marijuana farms and stores by circulating petitions to place the issue on the ballot.

If you want to learn more about how your county can prohibit marijuana farms and stores, contact our office at (501) 375-7000.

Marijuana Activists Lobby Legislators for Marijuana in Schools

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Little Rock, Ark. – On Tuesday, activists promoting marijuana gathered at the Arkansas Capitol to lobby for changes to the state’s medical marijuana amendment. Marijuana lobbyists, such as the Drug Policy Education Group, want to make it easier for Arkansans to qualify to use marijuana. In a more egregious proposal, they have asked legislators to pass a law to allow students to bring marijuana to school.

Family Council President Jerry Cox released a statement saying, “It is shocking to hear that they want kids to be able to use marijuana at school.  As a former public school teacher, I cannot imagine students using marijuana at school.  Our schools are facing enough challenges without grownups pushing for kids to be able to use marijuana at school.  Kids already can’t tell marijuana laced cookies or candies from normal ones.  Bring those to school and see how many grade school kids end up high or in the emergency room like the students in Colorado and other states. Frankly, this is an irresponsible request that could harm our children who are in school.”

Cox said the group also wants to make it easier for Arkansans to use marijuana. “Anyone who is paying attention knows that these people are not going to rest until Arkansas has full-blown recreational marijuana.  This has always been their mission.  Already, anyone with pain or nausea can qualify to use medical marijuana.  Adding more conditions to the 18 that are already legal means that almost everyone, even the healthiest among us, can qualify to smoke marijuana.”

Cox also criticized the push to lower taxes on the so-called medical marijuana program. “The State of Arkansas is already subsidizing this so-called medical marijuana program.  No one knows if it will ever be self-supporting.  Yet, marijuana proponents want their taxes lowered even more.  It is bad enough that the 47% of Arkansans who voted against medical marijuana have to deal with it being legal, now they’re expected to pay for it with their tax dollars.”

Cox said his group plans to continue fighting against efforts to expand marijuana in Arkansas.

Family Council is a conservative education and research organization based in Little Rock.


Dr. John Spore Receives Fay Boozman Award

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Dr. John Spore, left, of Mountain Home receives this year’s Fay Boozman Award from Family Council President Jerry Cox.

Dr. John Spore of Mountain Home was the recipient of the 2018 Fay Boozman Award, given annually by the Arkansas Physicians Resource Council division of Family Council. In honor of the late Dr. Fay Boozman, this award honors Christian physicians who live as Dr. Boozman lived—striving to honor and glorify God by cherishing his family, and serving well in his medical practice, in his ministry to church, community and world missions, and as a leader in his state.

Dr. Fay Boozman (1946-2005) was an ophthalmologist in Rogers, Arkansas. He served in the Arkansas Senate from 1995-1998. He directed the Arkansas Department of Health from 1999-2005 until his sudden death as a result of a farming accident.

Dr. Spore was honored with the award at a surprise dinner with family, friends and colleagues on Saturday, February 26 at Gaston’s Restaurant. Nominated by Dr. Lonnie Robinson, Dr. Spore was selected by a panel which reviews nominations from across the state and interviews the nominees’ families and friends. A graduate of Sterling College and The University Kansas Medical School, Dr. Spore moved to Mountain Home in 1988 and joined Ozark Surgical Group. He loves Mountain Home—its beauty and its people. It is apparent that the community has a mutual affection for him.

In nominating Dr. Spore, Dr. Robinson said, “John is known as a Christ-follower by his patients, colleagues and other staff members. His faith is evident to those around him, whether he is on the hospital floors, in the operating room, or busy in clinic. His interactions with nursing and operating room staff reflect his commitment as a Christ-follower, and he regularly shares this faith with patients and others that come across his path.”

Through his church, Dr. Spore became involved in several medical missions in Brazil for a number of years. After a local group returned from a trip to Brazil one year, two local churches joined together to start the Mountain Home Christian Clinic. Dr. Spore served on the Board of Directors for the Mountain Home Christian Clinic for many years. He has provided care to many in the Mountain Home area regardless of their financial circumstances.

For the last several years, Dr. Spore and his wife Cheryl have been very involved with and passionate about the Hope Rising Children’s Home in Haiti. He has regularly led multiple teams of physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other volunteers on mission trips to the orphanage. They are most excited that a medical clinic is now being built on the Hope Rising property.

John and Cheryl have been married for 38 years and have raised four children. They continue to be a tight-knit family now that they have grandchildren. Their marriage is known to be one that displays Christ, and they are an encouragement to many other married couples in their circle of influence.

Dr. Spore’s life and actions show a clear, committed heart of service at home and in Haiti. Dr. Spore says simply that he is blessed beyond measure.