Our friends at the Colson Center for Christian Worldview have released an excellent commentary on sex-selection abortion in America.

Sex-selection abortion is the act of aborting a child due to the baby’s sex. John Stonestreet writes,

Newsweek reported last year that sex-selective abortions are on the rise right here in the U. S. One study by Columbia University found that Chinese, Korean and Indian parents on their second pregnancy gave birth to 117 boys for every 100 girls. For third children, the ratio shot up to a staggering 151 boys for every 100 girls.

The culprit, says Newsweek, is sex-selective abortion. So-called “family planning” clinics like those affiliated with Planned Parenthood are helping women kill their unborn daughters. You’d think organizations that pride themselves on protecting and empowering women would want this to stop, but you’d be wrong. . . . .

Back in March, when Arkansas enacted a ban on sex-selective abortions, the American Civil Liberties Union complained that the law prevents women from “obtaining abortions that they want for whatever reason,” even, apparently, if that reason is preferring boys over girls.

The Arkansas law he mentions is Act 733 of 2017. It prohibits abortions performed due to the unborn baby’s sex, and it requires abortion doctors to obtain some of a woman’s medical records to verify she is not seeking a sex-selection abortion. Back in June the ACLU filed a lawsuit against Act 733 claiming “there is no medical reason to obtain these records prior to providing an abortion.”

Abortion providers are grasping at straws. Sex-selection abortion is indefensible — and so is failure to obtain a woman’s medical records prior to an abortion.

You can listen to John Stonestreet’s entire commentary here.