My Two Favorite Football Teams

My two favorite football teams are Arkansas and whoever beats LSU.

Last weekend, I watched LSU go toe-to-toe with Ole Miss. By now, you’ve probably seen the same outrageous replays from the game: With only 1 second left, LSU tried to down the ball instead of kicking a field goal. For that matter, they could have even tried passing or running the ball, but instead they just seemed to spike it, practically handing Ole Miss a 25-23 victory.

One of the critical mistakes LSU made was letting the clock run for a full 17 seconds before calling timeout after the third-down. If they had called timeout sooner, they might have had more time to formulate a plan—or at least get their field goal team ready for the final play. As it was, however, they made a lot of mistakes and failed to get their act together.

Right now, it feels like Congress is doing the same thing. They’re lined up to throw long-range passes when a simple field goal will do the trick.