ADF: Court Precedent Says Schools Can Keep Boys Out of Girls’ Locker Rooms

MUTCD_RS-022.svgMany still find it shocking, but there is a real battle underway in America over whether or not schools must let biological males who claim to be female use women’s restrooms and locker rooms at school.

Members of the Obama administration are pushing very hard to force schools to change their restroom and locker room policies, but as John Stonestreet at the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview and as attorneys from the Alliance Defending Freedom both note, schools can–and have–successfully defeat this kind of bullying from the federal government.

Stonestreet notes,

Many parents wonder if they can do anything to stem this tide. After all, can you stop the federal government?

The Alliance Defending Freedom’s answer is a resounding “yes!”

Speaking recently on Moody Radio, the ADF’s Matt Sharp said that “If you look at what the [legal] precedent says, and what the most recent courts looking at this issue have found,” it becomes clear that “schools can have these separate facilities” for boys and girls.

Last year Alliance Defending Freedom drafted a model policy schools can adopt to protect the privacy of their students. The policy reads in part, (more…)

Teach Your Kids About Homosexuality and Gender Confusion

We are continuing our series highlighting special material our friends at Focus on the Family have provided for your family and your church.

Today we want to share two guides Focus on the Family has released on teaching your kids about homosexuality and gender confusion.

The guides outline:

  • Age-appropriate conversations you can have with your children as they grow up;
  • Answers to common questions children may ask;
  • Information on responding to messages your children hear at school.

These guides are designed to equip you as a parent. You can download these resources below or from our “Resources For Your Church and Family” page.


How to Talk to Your Kids About Homosexuality, by Jeff Johnston.


Equipping Parents to Respond to Gender-Confusing Messages in Schools, by

Public School Teachers Told to Stop Saying “Boys and Girls”

Teachers in one Nebraska school district have been instructed to stop using gender-specific language when addressing students.

According to National Review Online, teachers at the Lincoln Public Schools have been told that phrases like “boys and girls” are not “gender-inclusive” and should not be used in the classroom.

So what, you might ask, are teachers to call their students? The training handout says, “Create classroom names and then ask all of the ‘purple penguins’ to meet on the rug.”

Instead of lining students up as “boys and girls,” the training material advises teachers to separate students according to their likes or interests, such as “skateboards” or “listening.” It even suggests separating students according to whether or not they are athletes–as if that isn’t going to make the classroom a charged environment. Does anyone really think labeling students according to their athletic prowess is somehow better than calling them a “boy” or a “girl”?

What is most striking about the material, however, is its instruction that teachers literally should be intolerant of opposing views. The handout reads,

“Be intolerant of openly hostile attitudes or references towards others EVERY TIME you hear or observe them, but also use these as teachable moments. Take the opportunity to push the individual on their statements about gender. Being punitive may stop the behavior, at least in your presence. Being instructive may stop it entirely.”

But just a paragraph or two later, the material states,

“Help students recognize ‘all or nothing’ language by helping them understand the difference between patterns and rules. Teach them phrases like ‘That may be true for some people, but not all people,’ or ‘frequently, but not always,’ or ‘more common and less common.’ Avoid using ‘normal’ to define any behaviors.”