Common Core Review Council to Hear from Arkansans

This week Lieutenant Governor Tim Griffin announced plans for the Governor’s Council on Common Core Review to tour the state to hear from Arkansans about Common Core.

According to Lt. Governor Griffin, the council will spend approximately 60 hours listening to Arkansans at 9 stops over the course of 8 weeks. The council also has several hearing scheduled in Little Rock regarding Common Core.

This is an opportunity for all Arkansans to voice their opinions on Common Core to members of the Governor’s Council on Common Core Review. If you would like to make your position on Common Core known, you may want to make plans to attend one of these meetings.

You can find additional details here.

Below is a list of tour stops and dates:

Thursday, April 23 – Little Rock
5:00PM – 7:00PM
Pulaski Technical College Little Rock-South
Transportation Technology Center, The Community Room
13000 Interstate 30, Little Rock, AR 72210 (more…)

Public School “Minute of Silence” Bill Filed by Rep. Debra Hobbs

Rep. Debra Hobbs has filed a bill (HB1690) to require that every public school in Arkansas observe a minute of silence at the beginning of each day.

During this allotted time, a student may reflect, pray, or engage in any other silent activity that doesn’t interfere with or distract another student.

School days are busy and full of distractions. We think just a little time to focus—however a student chooses to do so—will benefit students and teachers alike as they prepare for the day.

If you agree, please contact the members of the House Education Committee and ask them to support this bill. Click here for a list of every committee member. Click a name and you’ll be taken to contact information for that representative.