Listen to Jerry on Conduit News Radio

Family Council President Jerry Cox was on Conduit News with Paul Harrell this morning to discuss Planned Parenthood in Arkansas.

Jerry also talked about the federal courts and about ways states like Arkansas can keep abortionists out of public schools.

You can listen to the discussion below.

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We are Saddened at the Passing of Representative John Walker

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of State Representative John Walker.   He was a pioneer and a man of deep conviction with an untiring work ethic.  Representative Walker never wavered from his dream of bringing justice and equality to those he served.  He had a unique ability to lay aside political differences.  This enabled him to connect with people at a personal level and create lasting relationships. The scriptures tell us that those who want to be great must first learn to serve.  Representative Walker knew this truth and his life is a testimony to it.  We are saddened by his passing.  We join all who mourn his loss, and we pray for God’s grace upon those who grieve.

Jerry Cox; President, Family Council