Pro-Lifers Working to Place Pregnancy Resource Centers Next to Both Planned Parenthood Facilities in Arkansas

Planned Parenthood’s facility in Little Rock.

Pro-lifers in Arkansas are working to place pregnancy resource centers next door to both of Arkansas’ Planned Parenthood facilities.

In an email, Toni — the 40 Days for Life coordinator in Little Rock — reports that Caring Hearts Pregnancy Center is working to convert a dentist office into a pregnancy center next door to Planned Parenthood’s Little Rock abortion facility.

She says that mothers soon will be able to go to that location for free ultrasounds and resources that can help them choose options besides abortion.

In Northwest Arkansas, Loving Choices Pregnancy Centers is working to acquire a location next door to the new Planned Parenthood facility in Rogers.

Planned Parenthood’s facility in Rogers.

Planned Parenthood’s Rogers facility is opening this week.

According KHBS/KHOG, the facility will not perform abortions right away, but intends to be licensed as an abortion facility by the end of this year.

In the meantime, Planned Parenthood’s website indicates the facility will offer abortion referrals — meaning it’s important for pro-lifers to be available to minister to women outside that facility.

Planned Parenthood operated an abortion facility in Fayetteville, Arkansas, for several years until its landlord reportedly opted not to renew the abortion giant’s lease in the summer of 2019.

That same year, Planned Parenthood moved its Little Rock abortion facility across town, opening in a former foot and ankle clinic in west Little Rock.

Despite the fact that Planned Parenthood is unveiling a new facility in Northwest Arkansas, here’s something important to remember:

Pro-lifers are on the move, working to save unborn babies and give women real options besides abortion.

Abortion in Arkansas has been in decline for years.

In 2020, Arkansas’ abortion numbers remained near historic lows, and public opinion polling shows most Arkansans believe abortion ought to be completely illegal or legal only under certain circumstances.

Slowly but surely, we’re winning the fight to protect innocent human life in Arkansas.

Planned Parenthood Facility in Rogers Taking Appointments Ahead of Tuesday Opening

According to Planned Parenthood’s website, the abortion giant’s facility in Rogers is taking appointments ahead of its official opening this week.

Recently Family Council learned that Planned Parenthood has worked to acquire a facility at 1222 West Poplar Street in Rogers, Arkansas, that could be used to perform abortions.

The Planned Parenthood center in Rogers is slated to open Tuesday, September 14.

Planned Parenthood has indicated the facility eventually will be used as an abortion center. However, for now the group’s website says it will offer abortion referrals.

Planned Parenthood operates chemical abortion facilities in Little Rock and in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The facility in Rogers could refer women to either of those locations for abortions.

Pro-lifers in Northwest Arkansas intend to be present at the Planned Parenthood facility when it opens on Tuesday.

They also have organized a 40 Days for Life prayer campaign that will begin on September 22, and a Life Chain event outside the facility on October 3.

And a mobile pro-life pregnancy resource center is scheduled to provide services to women outside the Planned Parenthood facility on a regular basis.

Planned Parenthood may be on the move in Northwest Arkansas — but pro-lifers are as well.

Planned Parenthood Facility in Rogers Will Open September 14

The Arkansas Times reports Planned Parenthood will open its facility in Rogers, Arkansas, on September 14.

Recently Family Council learned that Planned Parenthood has worked to acquire a facility in Rogers that could be used to perform abortions. The facility was acquired by an entity called 12 Redacre LLC, but the company’s mailing address matched a mailing address for Planned Parenthood Great Plains in Overland Park, Kansas.

Planned Parenthood’s website indicates the facility eventually will perform drug-induced abortions. However, the Arkansas Times article indicates that activity at the facility may initially be limited to things like transgender services and family planning.

We know from experience that Planned Parenthood’s sex education and family planning strategies simply do not work.

The Obama Administration gave Planned Parenthood millions of dollars to conduct teen pregnancy prevention programs in the Pacific Northwest.

Evaluations of the programs revealed students who went through these sex education programs actually were more likely to become pregnant or cause a pregnancy afterward.

In other words, Planned Parenthood’s sex education programs did exactly the opposite of what the federal government had wanted.

In the 1980s and 1990s, public officials in Arkansas promoted Planned Parenthood-style sex education. The programs failed to have a meaningful impact on teen pregnancy and abortion in Arkansas.

Even if family planning or comprehensive sex education were all Planned Parenthood had in mind for its facility in Rogers, there would be cause for concern.

However, Planned Parenthood clearly intends for this facility to be a major abortion center.