Arkansas Ranks 30th in Nation for Number of Abortions in 2008

The Center for Disease Control has released statistics on abortion in America for the year 2008. Out of 45 states and the District of Columbia, Arkansas ranked 30, with 4,781 abortions performed. Five states, California, Florida, Maryland, New Hampshire, and Wyoming, could not be included in the CDC’s figures for various reasons.

The five states with the most abortions performed in 2008 were New York (124,304), Texas (81,155), Illinois (42,413), Pennsylvania (38,801), and Georgia (35,888).

The five states with the least abortions (in other words, the ones who are doing something right) were South Dakota (848), North Dakota (1,386), Idaho (1,481), Vermont (1,491), and Alaska (1,753).

Here is a list of all 45 states surveyed, taken from the CDC’s latest report (Note: These numbers are approximated based on portions of the CDC’s report; totals provided by the CDC for each state are inconsistent throughout the report because of different reporting methods used by different states; by some estimations, Arkansas may have had as many as 5,000 abortions performed, 15% of which were on out-of-state residents). (more…)

CDC Releases Abortions Figures for 2008

The Center for Disease Control has released abortion statistics for 2008. It takes the CDC a fair amount of time to collect abortion statistics, nationwide, and publish their findings, and these numbers are not 100% reliable, considering that states like California and New Hampshire did not report any abortion numbers to the CDC from the years 1999-2008, and some states, like Alaska, Louisiana, Maryland, Oklahoma, and West Virginia, failed to report their numbers during some of the years from 1999 – 2008. All things considered, however, the CDC provides one of the best snapshots of abortion trends in America (if nothing else it tells us what is happening in 43 out of 50 states over the course of a decade).

Year Number of Abortions
1999 861,789
2000 857,475
2001 853,485
2002 854,122
2003 848,163
2004 839,226
2005 820,151
2006 852,385
2007 827,609
2008 825,564

Click here to read the CDC’s latest abortion report.