A Guide for Parents: When a Loved One Says, “I’m Gay.”

TV-Kit6Recently we have highlighted a number of resources on our website that are courtesy of our friends at Focus on the Family. These resources are available for you, your family, and your church, and they are designed to equip you to respond to today’s culture.

Our friends at Focus recently released a guide geared toward parents. It deals with how to respond when a loved one tells you, “I’m gay.” Jeff Johnston with Focus on the Family writes,

A 2015 study from the United Kingdom found that almost half of the 18-to-24-year-olds surveyed do not identify as ‘heterosexual.’ That’s right; 49 percent of the young adults in the poll placed themselves somewhere on the scale where homosexuality was an option. Another study by the same group found that in the U.S., almost one-third of young Americans don’t define themselves as ‘100-percent heterosexual.’

We live in a time where ‘sexual fluidity’ and the celebration of homosexuality are commonplace.

Johnston goes on to offer input and pointers on responding to family members who identify themselves as gay in a manner that is loving without compromising biblical truth.

You can download this new guide here.

You can also check out a number of similar guides on our Resources For Your Church and Family page.

Poll: Arkansans Favor Pro-Life Laws, Overwhelmingly Oppose Same-Sex Marriage

The 2015 Arkansas Poll released by the University of Arkansas today shows Arkansans overwhelmingly oppose recognition of same-sex marriage.

According to the poll, 64% of likely voters said same-sex marriage “should not be recognized by the law as valid, with the same rights as traditional marriages.”

The poll comes as little surprise. Arkansans made it abundantly clear in 2004 they favor defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman; virtually every poll conducted since then has shown continued support for that definition among Arkansans.

The poll also shows 47% of likely voters favor laws making it “more difficult for a woman to get an abortion”–the highest percentage since 2003. Only 12% said it ought to be “easier” to get an abortion.

This number coincides with declining abortion levels in Arkansas–which have fallen drastically since the 1990’s–and new pro-life laws.

You can see the entire poll summary here.

Young Adult Literature “Disproportionately Gay”

daily_commentary_10_02_15Eric Metaxas has written a commentary at BreakPoint.org discussing a growing trend in literature geared toward children and young adults.

Metaxas writes that the literature is disproportionately portraying homosexual relationships, saying,

“If you know the statistics on rates of homosexuality in the real world, you know that it’s somewhere around 3 percent, maybe less. Not so in the world of Young Adult fiction; there, it’s far more pervasive.

“Book reviewers on the Youth Reads page at our website BreakPoint.org, are noticing that the subject is coming up in more and more contemporary teen novels. It doesn’t matter if they’re romances or fantasy novels or any other genre—the theme runs through all kinds of books for this age group. Acclaimed author Rainbow Rowell is just one prominent recent example. She wrote a bestselling young adult book about a college girl who writes stories about a gay couple—and then Rowell wrote her own young adult book about the gay couple in her character’s stories!

“Given the state of the culture, all this isn’t surprising, but it’s worth a closer look. There are two main factors at work here. Authors who work to normalize homosexuality are trying to promote what they see as compassion, understanding, and acceptance. I believe they’re also trying to break down sexual boundaries of all kinds, to push what they see as ‘freedom’ as far as they possibly can.

“The result is far from healthy or edifying for young readers.”

You can listen to Metaxas’ full commentary below or click here to read it.

[audio:http://www.breakpoint.org/images/content/breakpoint/audio/2015/100215_BP.mp3|titles=Disproportionately Gay]