New Study Confirms Kids Do Best With a Married Mom and Dad

What appears to be the largest study to date  examining the outcomes of children in same-sex households has demonstrated, once again, that children do best with a married mom and dad.

After examining more than 500 children with same-sex parents chosen from an overall sample of more than 200,000 children, the study–which appeared in last month’s British Journal of Education, Society, and Behavioral Researchconcluded that emotional problems were more than twice as prevalent among children with same-sex parents as opposed to children with opposite-sex parents.

“At minimum,” Dr. Paul Sullins, the study’s author, writes, “it is no longer accurate to claim that no study has found children in same-sex families to be disadvantaged relative to those in opposite-sex families.”

Among other things, the study found children ages 4 – 17 years with same-sex parents were more likely:

  • To see a mental health professional;
  • To report higher rates of ADHD;
  • To suffer from learning disabilities;
  • To suffer from serious emotional problems.

What is particularly striking about this study is that it also found children with same-sex parents reported being bullied at a rate comparable to that of children with opposite-sex parents. In other words, having same-sex parents does not appear to increase a child’s likelihood of being bullied at school or elsewhere.

Concerning bullying and stigmatization, the author writes,

“In sum, while the experience of peer rejection, abuse or stigmatization is strongly associated with child emotional problems, it appears that the rate of abuse and susceptibility to emotional distress due to stigmatization does not differentiate sharply between children in same-sex and opposite-sex families.”

The study’s author concludes,

“Whether or not same-sex families attain the legal right, as opposite-sex couples now have, to solemnize their relationship in civil marriage, the two family forms will continue to have fundamentally different, even contrasting, effects on the biological component of child wellbeing, to the relative detriment of children in same-sex families. Functionally, opposite-sex marriage is a social practice that, as much as possible, ensures to children the joint care of both biological parents, with the attendant benefits that brings; same-sex marriage ensures the opposite.”

To put those words another way: There simply is no replacement for a married mother and father.

You can download the study here.

You can find further commentary on this study and others here.

You May Want to Know About These Two Bills

I want to let you know about a couple of bills filed at the Capitol in Little Rock this week that may concern many Arkansans.

The first bill is Senate Bill 745. It amends Arkansas’ so-called “Chuck-E-Cheese Law” by increasing the maximum value of each prize a person may claim for playing coin-operated games.

You’re probably familiar with businesses like Chuck-E-Cheese that allow children to win tickets by playing coin-operated games like skee ball; the tickets can be redeemed for toys or other prizes.

In the mid-1990’s the Arkansas legislature passed a law intended to let family-oriented businesses like Chuck-E-Cheese offer small prizes for these games without allowing full-fledged casinos in Arkansas. To do so, the legislature capped the maximum value of each prize the business offers at $12.50.

Currently, family-oriented businesses like Chuck-E-Cheese may let people play coin-operated games for prizes, provided that the prizes are worth no more than $12.50. S.B. 745 raises that maximum value from $12.50 to $850.


Breaking Down the Committee Vote on Religious Freedom Legislation

HB1228RollCallVoteA few people have been asking how each senator on the Senate Judiciary Committee voted on House Bill 1228 (the religious freedom bill) yesterday.

The bill failed, with 3 senators voting for it; 3 voting against it; and 2 not voting. In order to make it out of committee, the bill needs 5 votes.

Here is a breakdown of the vote:

Senators Who Voted FOR The Bill

  • Sen. Jon Woods (R – Springdale)
  • Sen. Terry Rice (R – Waldron)
  • Sen. Linda Collins-Smith (R – Pocahontas)

Senators Who Voted AGAINST The Bill

  • Sen. David Johnson (D – Little Rock)
  • Sen. Joyce Elliott (D – Little Rock)
  • Sen. Linda Chesterfield, Vice-Chair (D – Little Rock)

Senators Who DID NOT Vote For or Against the Bill

  • Sen. David Burnett (D – Osceola)
  • Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson, Chair (R – Benton)

This bill can still be brought back up for a vote. Be sure to call your senator at (501) 682-2902, and ask him or her to support the religious freedom bill. You can also call Governor Hutchinson’s office at (501) 682-2345 and leave a message encouraging him to support the bill.