Bill De-Funding Abortion Providers Goes to Governor

stubblefield_gLate yesterday the Arkansas House passed a good, pro-life bill.

S.B. 569 by Sen. Gary Stubblefield (R-Branch) prevents the state from awarding grants to abortion-providers or their affiliates.

The bill passed, with 70 representatives voting for it; 8 voting against; 21 not voting; and one representative voting “Present.”

You may recall that abortion-providers in Arkansas have received grants in the past to conduct various activities and even applied to be “navigators” under Obamacare. Many consider this to be an indirect funding of abortion. By giving abortion-providers public dollars to pay staff, cover overhead, and conduct various activities, it makes it that much easier for them to keep performing abortions.

S.B. 569 stops this indirect funding of abortion in Arkansas. It keeps your tax dollars and mine from going to these groups and their affiliates, and it keeps our state out of the abortion business.

The bill now goes to Governor Hutchinson to be signed into law.

You can see how your state representative voted here.

You can see how your state senator voted here.

Senate Passes “Ten Commandments” Legislation

Today the Arkansas Senate passed a bill authorizing the State of Arkansas to place a monument of the Ten Commandments on the Capitol grounds.

The bill passed with 27 senators voting for it; 3 senators voting against it; 3 senators not voting; and 1 senator voting “Present.”

If passed, the bill would allow the State to work with private entities to pay for the monument and defend its constitutionality in court. You can see how your senator voted here.

The bill now goes to the Arkansas House of Representatives for consideration.

Please Contact Your Senator About HB 1228

House Bill 1228, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, was passed in the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday afternoon. However, the entire Arkansas Senate has not voted on it yet.

The Arkansas Legislature will adjourn very soon; if the Arkansas Senate does not vote for this important bill right away, there may not be enough time to get the bill passed into law before the legislative session ends.

I need you to contact your senator right away. Please ask him or her to support H.B. 1228, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. This good bill is similar to legislation passed in 21 other states; Indiana just passed a Religious Freedom Restoration Act this week. These laws help affirm the free exercise of religion under state law, and they prevent further erosion of religious liberty.

You can leave a message asking your senator to vote for H.B. 1228, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, by calling the Senate Switchboard at (501) 682-2902.

Opponents of this good bill are already calling your legislators. Please contact your senator in support of H.B. 1228, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, right away.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.