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Yesterday, Family Council held a press conference about the Arkansas Lottery Commission’s plan to roll out 100 lottery ticket vending machines around the state and the 1,164 comments we received in opposition to the machines.

If you watched the news last night, chances are you saw us. ¬†Virtually every member of Central Arkansas’ media was represented at the press conference–all wanting to know what nearly 1,200 Arkansans thought about the lottery vending machines.

We’ve compiled a list of all the major news stories about yesterday’s events. ¬†Click on each link below to see the news coverage of your comments being turned in to the Arkansas Lottery Commission:


A Successful Day Fighting the Lottery

I wanted to briefly share some important information with you. First, our press conference today regarding our opposition to lottery ticket vending machines was very successful. Held at the Capitol Building in Little Rock, it was well attended by members of the Arkansas press. Channel 4, 7, 11 and 16 should have news about our press conference on TV at 5:30 this evening, so be sure to watch the news!