An Arkansas Marijuana Monopoly?

Attorney General Dustin McDaniel recently approved a ballot measure to legalize marijuana in Arkansas—of course just for medical purposes.

It’s hard to believe the sponsors of this measure really imagine the people of Arkansas think the effort is about medicine.  Even the name of their group, Arkansans for Responsible Medicine, is an insult to our intelligence.  There’s nothing responsible about anything that creates more drug addiction, and there is nothing medical about legalizing marijuana.  So if this latest effort is not about responsible medicine, what is it about?

Follow the money.  If voters approve this measure, they will be allowing marijuana businessmen to open a chain of marijuana stores across Arkansas.

Marijuana is big business.  You can bet that the out-of-state marijuana interests who are poised to finance the campaign to legalize marijuana are expecting to make lots of money selling our citizens this harmful drug.

There’s nothing like having control of a marijuana monopoly to make a drug dealer’s day.

Colorado Kids Overdosing on Marijuana

Marijuana is illegal everywhere in the United States. Under federal drug laws, it is a crime to possess it, grow it, or sell it. Anyone allowing children access to this drug ought to be guilty of a myriad of crimes. Yet because 18 states have voted to legalize it to one degree or another, everyone just seems to be looking the other way.

Now children are overdosing on the drug. The authorities’ response: Adults should put this illegal drug in a container that is difficult for a child to open.