Victory at the U.S. Supreme Court

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Late yesterday the U.S. Supreme Court handed down a decision blocking a Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling concerning school restroom policies.

As you may know, last spring the Obama Administration issued “guidelines” to public schools and colleges instructing them to let biological males who claim to be female use the girls’ restrooms, locker rooms, shower facilities, and so forth at school. Meanwhile, a lawsuit has been underway back east, where a biologically female student who claims to be male has sued the school for access to the boys’ restrooms and locker rooms.

The school has insisted restroom and locker room facilities should remain separated based on students’ biological sex–not based on gender-identity. The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals had ordered the school to let students use the restrooms and locker rooms of their choice rather than of their biological sex. Yesterday the U.S. Supreme Court blocked that decision.

National Organization of Marriage (NOM) issued a statement, saying,

[T]he US Supreme Court has blocked a ruling of the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals imposing a transgender bathroom policy by interpreting the term “sex” under Title IX of federal law to mean “gender identity.”

This is a big victory and protects students in the states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Maryland and comes as students will be heading back to school soon. The ruling is a blow to the Obama administration which has been working overtime to impose the gender ideology of LGBT extremists.

The effect of the ruling is to leave intact a Virginia school district’s policy that intimate facilities such as restrooms, showers and locker rooms are segregated based on a student’s actual biologic sex, and not based on “gender identity” or other subjective feelings.

It is expected that the school district will file a motion with the Supreme Court to hear the underlying case this fall. NOM will urge the Supreme Court to rule that federal law enacted decades ago does not define “sex” to mean “gender identity” and that the Obama administration does not have the legal authority to impose their transgender bathroom policy on the nation’s schools.

While the decision does not directly impact Arkansas, it is a major victory that affects the tone of future court cases.

Target Stock Continues to Tumble Amid Boycott

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Target_Albemarle_Rd_Charlotte,_NC_(7579989322)According to Family Research Council, Target stock continues to reel as Americans boycott the company until it changes its policies announced two months ago concerning restrooms and changing areas in its stores.

FRC writes,

With its profits in the gender-free toilet, Target CEO Brian Cornell was on the hot seat with investors for the decision, which analysts say has cost the retailer more than $4.5 billion — and counting.

Worried about crashing stocks, Cornell was pressed about the negative fallout from the unpopular policy. He insisted (with a straight face) that there was none. “Zero correlation, zero effect,” he declared. That’s a convenient response, but not a truthful one. As everyone on Wall Street knows, Target’s stocks have taken a nearly 20-percent nosedive since April 19, when the change was announced. If there was zero correlation, why are Walmart and online retailers holding steady? Clearly, the boycott — the most successful in American Family Association’s history — is having an enormous impact on Target’s bottom line. But, much like Starbucks’s CEO, who doggedly stuck by his company’s anti-marriage campaign, Cornell made it known that he didn’t care what consumers’ think.

Family Research Council has written extensively about specific cases that demonstrate policies like Target’s can be abused, endangering the safety and privacy of others. You can read their overview here.

The American Family Association is asking Americans to boycott Target. So far, approximately 1.3 million have done so. You can find information about the boycott here.

Photo Credit: By Mike Kalasnik from Fort Mill, USA [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons.

Heritage Foundation: Six Men Disguised Themselves as Women to Access Bathrooms

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Fallout continues from the Obama Administration’s “guidelines” last month instructing schools and universities to let biological males who claim to be female use the girls’ restrooms, locker rooms, and similar facilities–and vice versa.

Our friends at the Heritage Foundation have written a column highlighting six different instances in which men disguised themselves as women in order to access women’s restrooms.

The Daily Signal writes,

The risk to the privacy and safety of women and girls is real. There have been numerous cases in recent years of men either cross-dressing or claiming to be transgender in order to access women’s bathrooms and locker rooms for inappropriate purposes.

The simple fact of the matter is we must protect children from people who would abuse laws and policies like the Obama Administration’s May 13 “guidelines.” We cannot place the interests and desires of adults over the privacy and safety of children.