Act 311 of 2021 / H.B. 1061 (The No Patient Left Alone) by Rep. Julie Mayberry (R – Hensley) and Sen. Breanne Davis (R – Russellville) protects patients from being left alone and denied visitors in hospitals, nursing homes, and similar facilities.

No one should be barred from being in the hospital with their dying child, spouse, or parent.

Act 311 of 2021 helps address that in Arkansas.

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Compassionate Care Visits and Visits By Clergy

Act 311 of 2021 and the federal government’s guidelines for nursing home visitation both give tremendous leeway for visits by clergy and for “compassionate care visits” by friends and family.

These visits are not limited to situations where a patient or nursing home resident is dying.

Act 311 makes it clear that facilities must allow compassionate care visitors if requested — especially if requested by the resident.

Did You Receive Literature on Act 311?

Arkansas’ No Patient Left Alone Act (Act 311) says that the State must develop informational material regarding the act, and that healthcare facilities must make this information accessible to patients upon admission or registration at the facility and on the facility’s website.

If your loved one has been admitted or registered at a healthcare facility — including a hospital or nursing home — this information should have been made accessible, and the information should be available on the facility’s website.

Downloads and Resources

Act 311, The No Patient Left Alone Act

The Arkansas Department of Health’s Informational Material on Act 311

Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services Nursing Home Visitation Guidelines

Arkansas Long-Term Care Statewide Ombudsman — 501-508-8857 or 870-698-4320