Pro-Life Cities and Counties Toolkit

Download The Pro-Life Cities and Counties Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to assist anyone who is interested in securing passage of a pro-life resolution in any Arkansas municipality. This toolkit contains more information and suggestions than most people will need. In some communities these resolutions will pass easily with little debate or opposition. This toolkit is primarily designed to help citizens in communities where a pro-life resolution is likely to have a more difficult time passing. However, anyone interested in passing a pro-life resolution should find this toolkit helpful.

Faith At Schools Toolkit

Download The Faith At Schools Toolkit

Family Council is pleased to release a toolkit designed to help students, parents, and educators exercise their religious liberties in public schools. Our Faith At Schools Toolkit outlines common misconceptions  about the free exercise of religion at school, and it tells how communities can encourage appropriate religious expression at school. The toolkit covers topics such as the Day of Prayer for Arkansas Students, Bring Your Bible to School Day, released time for religious study during school hours, and more.

Library Toolkit

Coming Soon!

More and more, we hear about public libraries and school libraries in Arkansas placing sexually explicit books on their shelves and hosting offensive events like Drag Queen Story Times. Our library toolkit explains steps that communities can take to protect themselves from this type of activity.