Springdale Moves Forward With Pro-Life Safe Haven Baby Box

Last night the Springdale City Council discussed plans to install a Safe Haven Baby Box in one of the city’s fire stations, according to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Arkansas’ Safe Haven Act protects children from being abandoned. It lets a woman surrender her newborn infant to law enforcement personnel, fire department personnel, or medical personnel without facing prosecution.

Similar laws are on the books in all 50 states.

Act 185 of 2019 by Sen. Cecile Bledsoe (R – Rogers) and Rep. Rebecca Petty (R – Rogers) improved Arkansas’ Safe Haven law; it lets fire stations install Safe Haven Boxes — sometimes called “baby boxes” — where women can anonymously place their newborn.

Last May a baby was safely surrendered using a Safe Haven Box at a fire station in Benton, Arkansas.

Laws like Arkansas’ Safe Haven Act protect the lives of unborn children by giving women options besides abortion.

It’s good to see cities like Springdale move forward with installing these Safe Haven Boxes in their communities.

The Mexico City Policy Football

John Stonestreet, Radio Host and President of the Colson Center for Christian Worldview.

Before the election, there was a lot of discussion in evangelical circles about single-issue voting when it comes to President. And the single issue was, of course, abortion.

Some argue that after six Republican administrations, Roe v Wade still stands. And even if it’s overturned, abortion becomes a state issue. So when it comes to abortion, it doesn’t really matter who’s in the White House.

I disagree. And here’s just one reason why. Team Biden has already announced that he will undo the so-called “Mexico City Policy” in his first 100 days

Since the days of Ronald Reagan, Republican presidents issue an order prohibiting US funds to go to NGOs overseas that promote abortion. And every Democratic president repeals the order.

In fact, Biden will likely push legislation to repeal the Mexico City rule permanently. And, to be clear, that’s just one way the U.S. has, under Democratic presidents, promoted abortion overseas. 

When it comes to abortion, Presidential elections do matter.

Copyright 2020 by the Colson Center for Christian Worldview. Reprinted from BreakPoint.org with permission.