Bill Filed to Strengthen State Law On Abortion Facilities

On Wednesday Sen. Dan Sullivan (R – Jonesboro), Rep. Joe Cloud (R – Russellville), and Rep. Robin Lundstrum (R – Springdale) filed S.B. 388 amending Arkansas law concerning abortion facilities.

The bill requires any facility that performs abortions to be licensed by the Arkansas Department of Health as an abortion facility, and it prohibits abortions in hospitals except in cases of medical emergency.

Under current law, a facility does not have to be licensed as an abortion facility unless it performs ten or more abortions in any given month.

That means a clinic could perform up to nine abortions per month — or 108 abortions per year — without being licensed and inspected as an abortion facility.

Arkansas currently has two licensed abortion facilities — both of which are in Little Rock — but it’s possible some abortions are taking place at unlicensed facilities around the state.

S.B. 388 will help ensure that every clinic that performs abortions follows all of Arkansas’ laws concerning abortion facilities. This has the potential to save many women and unborn children from abortion.

Read The Bill Here.

Legislation Filed to Let Municipalities in Arkansas Declare Themselves Pro-Life

On Tuesday Rep. Kendon Underwood (R – Cave Springs) and Sen. Gary Stubblefield (R – Branch) filed H.B. 1544 letting municipalities in Arkansas declare themselves pro-life.

Under this bill, cities and towns would be able to pass a resolution designating themselves as a Pro-Life City.

H.B. 1544 outlines some of the findings and language that cities can put in their pro-life resolution.

The bill also clarifies that Pro-Life Cities can install signs or banners announcing that they are pro-life.

Currently, nothing in Arkansas law prevents a city from declaring itself a Pro-Life City, but H.B. 1544 writes a foundation for these pro-life resolutions into state law.

This is a really good bill that will help communities in Arkansas foster a culture of life.

One of Family Council’s goals for 2021 is to help Arkansans statewide designate their communities as Pro-Life Cities. H.B. 1544 will help make that happen.

Read the bill here.

Senate Committee Advances Another Pro-Life Bill

On Monday the Senate Public Health Committee advanced S.B. 85 on a unanimous voice vote.

This good bill by Sen. Cecile Bledsoe (R – Rogers) and Rep. Joe Cloud (R – Russellville) requires an abortionist to show an ultrasound image of the unborn baby to the pregnant woman before an abortion.

Research indicates that some women are less likely to have an abortion once they see an ultrasound image of their unborn child.

That means pro-life bills like S.B. 85 can help further decrease the number of abortions in Arkansas.

Currently, Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and the Arkansas Abortion Support Network are fighting against S.B. 85.

Arkansas Right to Life is the chief proponent of S.B. 85 and we fully support their efforts. 

You Can Read The S.B. 85 Here.