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Video: How Can the Church Be Involved in the Public Arena

Recently pastors Iverson Jackson and Bruce Short sat down with us to discuss how and why the church should be involved in the public arena. Watch their discussions below.


Video: Why Should Pastors Be Engaged in the Public Arena?

Recently Pastors Iverson Jackson and Bruce Short sat down with us to discuss why pastors should be engaged in the public arena. Watch their discussions below.


Sign the Pledge to Boycott Target

Recently we wrote about Target’s corporate statement effectively inviting men to use women’s restrooms and fitting rooms–and vice versa–at Target stores. In the wake of this decision from Target, the American Family Association has encouraged people to boycott Target. So far more than

Arkansas A.G. Signs Amicus Brief in Defense of Religious Liberty

Last week Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge’s office signed an amicus brief in the case of Trinity Lutheran v. Pauley. In a nutshell, the case has to do with whether or not a religious organization can be barred from participating in programs


College Students Weigh In on the Subject of Identity

Our friends at Family Policy Institute of Washington recently visited the campus of the University of Washington to see if students would affirm or reject director Joseph Backholm’s new chosen identity: a 6’5″ Chinese woman. Watch their responses below.