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New Bill Would Simplify Notice of Intent to Home School

Yesterday Rep. Mark Lowery (R-Maumelle) filed H.B. 1574. This bill simplifies the Notice of Intent to Home School that home schoolers are required to file annually, and it removes the requirement that home school parents sign a waiver acknowledging the

New Bill Will Help Ensure Aborted Babies Are Not Sold

This afternoon Rep. Kim Hammer (R- Benton) filed H.B. 1566. This is a good, pro-life bill that will help prevent aborted babies from being bought or sold in Arkansas. Undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood officials discussing the sale of aborted

Senate Committee Passes Two Good, Pro-Life Bills

Today the Arkansas Senate Judiciary Committee passed two really good, pro-life bills. The first bill was S.B. 148 by Sen. Gary Stubblefield (R-Branch) protecting babies who survive an abortion from being denied medical treatment or nourishment. We have heard many horror stories

Arkansas House Passes Abortion Clinic Inspection Bill

Yesterday the Arkansas House of Representatives passed H.B. 1428. This good, pro-life bill makes it clear abortion clinics must be inspected at least annually and that the Department of Health will close an abortion clinic that fails inspection. It also closes

Arkansas House Passes Pro-Life Bill

Today the Arkansas House of Representatives passed H.B. 1434. This is a good, pro-life bill that prohibits abortions performed due to the baby’s sex. The bill now goes to the Arkansas Senate. Below is a breakdown of the vote on