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Bring Your Bible to School On October 4, 2018

Bring Your Bible to School Day is coming up on October 4, 2018. Last year nearly half a million students participated in Bring Your Bible to School Day nationwide. This is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate religious freedom and the

Video: AR Lottery’s Scholarship Funding Dismal

The Arkansas Lottery’s scholarship funding for Fiscal Year 2018 was dismal. Watch the video below to learn more.

Video: Judge Kavanaugh’s Judicial Philosophy

Here’s a little background on Judge Kavanaugh’s judicial philosophy.

Panel Authorizes Five Marijuana Farms in Arkansas

Yesterday the state’s Medical Marijuana Commission awarded five licenses to grow marijuana in Arkansas following months of controversy and legal battles. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports that licenses were issued to: Natural State Medicinals Cultivation of Jefferson County BOLD Team of

State Lottery Paid Scholarships Eighteen Cents On the Dollar in FY18: Report

Yesterday the Arkansas Lottery released its financial report for the month of June. June marks the end of Fiscal Year 2018 for the Lottery. According to the report, the Lottery took in nearly $37.7 million last month, but paid out