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Church Ambassador is a nonpartisan ministry. 

This is a network that builds relationships between church leaders and elected leaders regardless of their political leanings. 

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The Pro-Life “Pray Away Campaign”

Join the effort to pray against the 2024 Arkansas Abortion Amendment!


The Annual Day of Prayer for Arkansas Students is September 25, 2024

Act 902 of 2021 directs the Governor of Arkansas and the Commissioner of Education to annually proclaim the last Wednesday in September of each year as “A Day of Prayer for Arkansas Students.” The law also calls upon the citizens of Arkansas to pray for students, teachers, administrators, and schools.

Students, teachers, administrators, and schools need our prayers now more than ever. 

Here are some ways you can promote the Day of Prayer for Arkansas Students in your community:

  • Let your pastor know about it so he can announce it in church
  • Notify your school board, superintendent, principal, or teachers about it
  • If the school has any Christian clubs such as FCA, notify the faculty sponsor or member of the group
  • Organize a group of friends to pray for students in public and private school and those enrolled in a home school on the last Wednesday of September.

Please contact our office at (501) 375-7000 if you have any questions about the annual Day of Prayer for Arkansas Students.

October 3, 2024, is “Bring Your Bible to School Day”

Thursday, October 3, is national Bring Your Bible to School Day.

This is a day for students across the country to exercise their First Amendment rights by bringing copies of God’s Word with them to school. It’s also an opportunity for students to discuss their faith and share the gospel with their friends outside of class time. Bring Your Bible to School Day is a movement sponsored by our friends at Focus on the Family.

Last year, 877,353 students took part in this amazing event! If you don’t have a student in public school, there still may be ways you or your church can help Bring Your Bible to School Day be successful.

Visit to learn more.