84 State Legislators Oppose Marijuana Proposals

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The following press release is from Family Council Action Committee.

Little Rock – Arkansans Against Legalized Marijuana (AALM) today held a news conference in Little Rock and announced a bi-partisan majority of 84 members of the Arkansas General Assembly voicing their opposition to ballot issues 6 & 7.

These 84 members, including the Speaker of the House and the President Pro Tempore of the Senate, represent every geographic region of Arkansas.

House Speaker Jeremy Gillam issued the following statement: “Although I understand the need for compassionate care, I believe there is a better way than what is being offered to the voters of Arkansas with Issues 6 and 7. I encourage Arkansans to vote against these issues and work with legislators in the upcoming session to craft a responsible and compassionate solution.”

Senate President Pro Tempore Jonathan Dismang issued the following statement: “Many of us agree that there are medical compounds that can possibly be derived from marijuana, but we need to allow the medical community and the FDA to make those determinations, not those looking to simply profit off of Arkansans. Please vote no on issues 6 & 7.”

Please see full listing of the members below:

  1. Speaker Jeremy Gillam
  2. Rep. Andy Davis
  3. Rep. Bob Ballinger
  4. Rep. Brandt Smith
  5. Rep. Brent Talley
  6. Rep. Bruce Cozart
  7. Rep. Charlene Fite
  8. Rep. Charles Armstrong
  9. Rep. Charlie Collins
  10. Rep. Charlotte Vining Douglas
  11. Rep. Dan Douglas
  12. Rep. Dan Sullivan
  13. Rep. Dave Wallace
  14. Rep. David Branscum
  15. Rep. David Meeks
  16. Rep. Deborah Ferguson
  17. Rep. Donnie Copeland
  18. Rep. Douglas House
  19. Rep. Gary Deffenbaugh
  20. Rep. Grant Hodges
  21. Rep. James Ratliff
  22. Rep. James Sturch
  23. Rep. Jana Della Rosa
  24. Rep. Jim Dotson
  25. Rep. Joe Farrer
  26. Rep. Joe Jett
  27. Rep. John Baine
  28. Rep. John Payton
  29. Rep. Josh Miller
  30. Rep. Julie Mayberry
  31. Rep. Justin Gonzales
  32. Rep. Justin Harris
  33. Rep. Karilyn Brown
  34. Rep. Ken Bragg
  35. Rep. Kim Hammer
  36. Rep. Kim Hendren
  37. Rep. Lance Eads
  38. Rep. Lane Jean
  39. Rep. Lanny Fite
  40. Rep. Laurie Rushing
  41. Rep. Les Eaves
  42. Rep. Marcus Richmond
  43. Rep. Mark Lowery
  44. Rep. Mary Bentley
  45. Rep. Michelle Gray
  46. Rep. Mickey Gates
  47. Rep. Monte Hodges
  48. Rep. Nate Bell
  49. Rep. Nelda Speaks
  50. Rep. Prissy Hickerson
  51. Rep. Rebecca Petty
  52. Rep. Richard Womack
  53. Rep. Robin Lundstrum
  54. Rep. Ron McNair
  55. Rep. Stephen Meeks
  56. Rep. Steve Magie, M.D.
  57. Rep. Tim Lemons
  58. Rep. Trevor Drown
  59. Senator Alan Clark
  60. Senator Bart Hester
  61. Senator Blake Johnson
  62. Senator Bruce Maloch
  63. Senator Cecile Bledsoe
  64. Senator David Burnett
  65. Senator David Sanders
  66. Senator Eddie Cheatham
  67. Senator Eddie Joe Williams
  68. Senator Gary Stubblefield
  69. Senator Greg Standridge
  70. Senator Jake Files
  71. Senator Jane English
  72. Senator Jason Rapert
  73. Senator Jeremy Hutchinson
  74. Senator Jim Hendren
  75. Senator Jimmy Hickey
  76. Senator John Cooper
  77. Senate President Pro Tempore Jonathan Dismang
  78. Senator Larry Teague
  79. Senator Linda Collins-Smith
  80. Senator Missy Irvin
  81. Senator Ron Caldwell
  82. Senator Scott Flippo
  83. Senator Terry Rice
  84. Senator Uvalde Lindsey


State Report: Marijuana Proposals Would Cost Millions

October 24, 2016 | Posted in Marijuana | By

Reports released by the Department of Finance and Administration last week estimated that each of the two competing marijuana proposals, Issue 6 and Issue 7, could cost taxpayers millions of dollars.

Marijuana proponents have touted the fact Issues 6 and 7 both tax so-called “medical” marijuana.  The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration analyzed the tax revenue the two measures would “generate” compared to the administrative costs to the state.

DFA estimates each measure would provide approximately $2.1 – $2.5 million in tax revenue each year. However, DFA estimates Issue 6 could cost as much as $3.1 million to administer, and Issue 7 could cost the state as much as $4.9 million to administer.

In other words under either proposal taxpayers could be on the hook for anywhere from $1 million to $2.8 million each year to fund the state’s marijuana program.

Both proposals increase the workload of the Arkansas Department of Health by requiring it to process applications for marijuana cards and maintain personnel for the state’s marijuana program; DFA estimates Issue 6 would force the Health Department to hire 10-13 new employees, and Issue 7 would force the department to hire 23-63 new employees.

Issue 6 increases the workload of the Alcoholic Beverage Control board, and it creates a new state commission to help oversee marijuana in Arkansas; both proposals increase the workload of DFA, which provides legal and administrative assistance to other agencies.

Additionally, the Arkansas State Police estimates it would need $2.9 million if either marijuana proposal passes.

These reports track with findings issued 4 years ago under Governor Mike Beebe’s administration. At that time state officials determined a marijuana proposal similar to Issue 7 would cost the state severely.

Simply put, marijuana legalization is not revenue-neutral. Even if marijuana is taxed, it is unlikely the state will recover all of the revenue it loses administering the “medical marijuana” program and ensuring compliance with “medical marijuana” laws.

Read DFA’s report on Issue 6 here.

Read DFA’s report on Issue 7 here.

Read the Arkansas State Police’s report here.

Right to Life to Host Reception in Honor of A.G. Rutledge

October 21, 2016 | Posted in Abortion | By

Arkansas Right to Life is hosting a reception in Little Rock in honor of Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge on Tuesday, November 15, from 5:30 – 7:30 P.M. An award will be presented to A.G. Rutledge at 6:30 P.M.

Tickets are $50 per person and can be purchased at www.artl.org.

As we have noted many times, Attorney General Leslie Rutledge has taken a decidedly pro-life stance.

In addition to defending human life, A.G. Rutledge and her office have taken a strong position on a number of important issues, including: