Medical Marijuana Facts Sheet

The following is a facts sheet we assembled on the issue of medical marijuana some months ago. You can download it here.

Marijuana is a Schedule I Controlled Substance

Marijuana is on the list of Schedule I controlled substances. Congress created this list in the 1970s to regulate the use and abuse of drugs in America. Schedule I substances are substances that carry a high risk of abuse, have little or no known medical value, and are illegal to possess, use or distribute.

Schedule I substances are regulated by the federal Drug Enforcement Administration, not the Food and Drug Administration. They cannot be used in clinical testing, except under very strict guidelines and supervision from the DEA. Congress and the DEA are the only government entities that can change the laws governing the use of marijuana.


Policy Brief on Medical Marijuana

Awhile back we posted information about a debate over the legalization of medical marijuana. In conjunction with that event, we put together a policy brief outlining some of the concerns associated with legalizing marijuana for any purpose, medical or otherwise. We also discussed the legal process for rescheduling marijuana and submitting for testing in the medical community.

You can read our policy brief here.