In Case There Was Any Doubt

If anyone doubts the New York City Department of Education is discriminating against churches, take a look at the DOE’s rules and regulations governing the extended use of school facilities.

On page 5 of the PDF (D-180, Section I-Q), we read the following: “No permit shall be granted for the purpose of holding religious worship services, or otherwise using a school as a house of worship.”

Using the school as a flea market is OK with the DOE (D-180, Section I-L); the same goes for the Rotarians and other civic groups. Religious groups are the ones who are specifically denied equal treatment when it comes to meeting in the school buildings.

There’s no way around it: The New York City Department of Education is blatantly discriminating against religious groups.

You can read the NYC Dept. of Education Rules and Regulations Here.

New York Housing Authority Relents

We’ve been keeping you posted on developments out of New York City regarding the housing authority’s push to ban religious services from public buildings. It seems at least one victory has been won in the matter.

The NYC Housing Authority has decided not to pursue a total ban on religious services in the community centers of the public housing projects.