Report Finds CO Medical Marijuana Program Spawned Illegal Drug Trade

According to the Denver Post earlier this month, an anti-drug task force spent three weeks examining data gathered in the two years following the enactment of state laws governing the cultivation, manufacture and retail sale of medical marijuana and related products. Their findings indicate that in Colorado, “medical” marijuana is anything but.

Their review found more than 70 instances in which “medical” marijuana was diverted to the black market. “Medical” marijuana is also being sold illegally across state lines to almost half the nation (23 states), making it a case of interstate drug trafficking.

The DEA has even suggested Colorado is on track to become a major source of illegal marijuana throughout the U.S. With this in mind, it’s doubtful Issue 5 that will appear on the Arkansas ballot this year is airtight enough to prevent the same kind of illegal activity from plaguing Arkansas.

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3/4 of Teens in CO Drug Abuse Programs Used Someone Else’s Marijuana

A study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry last April found 74% of teens surveyed in two Colorado substance abuse facilities had used “medical” marijuana intended for someone else.

The study surveyed 164 teens ages 14-18. Of these teens, 122 admitted to using “medical” marijuana; only 1 was legally qualified to do so.

The study also found “adolescents who used medical marijuana had an earlier age of regular marijuana use, more marijuana abuse and dependence symptoms, and more conduct disorder symptoms compared with those who did not use medical marijuana.”

The study concluded, “Medical marijuana use among adolescent patients in substance abuse treatment is very common, implying substantial diversion from registered users.”

These findings confirm concerns expressed by law enforcement in other states that “medical” marijuana simply contributes to illegal drug use, drug addiction, and criminal activity.

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Busting The Myth Marijuana is Harmless

A popular, spurious claim circulates on the Internet that not a single person has ever died as a result of marijuana, and therefore marijuana should not be a regulated drug.

The statement itself is misleading, as most of the time those offering it actually mean, “It has never been documented that a person died as the result of a marijuana overdose.” However, credible scientific evidence coupled with information gathered by the Food and Drug Administration and others begs to differ.

FDA: Marijuana Linked to Nearly 300 Deaths