Hats Off to Reps. Lampkin and Wardlaw


This past Tuesday, Representative David Meeks presented a bill to the Arkansas House of Representatives’ Public Health Committee in Little Rock.  The bill, HB 1053, would have prevented Arkansans from being penalized for failing to purchase government-approved health insurance under the recently-passed federal healthcare law.

Sadly, the bill was voted down, 12 to 7.  However, an interesting thing happened: Two Democrats voted for the bill, Sheilla Lampkin and Jeff Wardlaw.


Some Photos from Around the Capitol Today

Our day at the Capitol got off to an early start today.  We ate breakfast in the Capitol’s cafeteria, and then went to a morning event sponsored by Senator Boozman, followed by committee meetings, and a whole slew of activities in between. As we’ve said before, you can tag along with us at the Capitol by following Family Council on Facebook and Twitter.

Below are some pictures of the day’s activities. (more…)