A.G. McDaniel Grudgingly Approves Casino Amendment

On Friday, Attorney General Dustin McDaniel grudgingly approved a proposed constitutional amendment that would grant a private company a virtual monopoly on casino gambling in Arkansas.

The amendment offers a broad definition of casino gambling (basically, it’s a wager of any kind), and dictates that the Arkansas Legislature will simply not regulate casino gaming in Arkansas. Obviously, that should give everyone pause. Specifically, it says, “Unless otherwise specifically provided herein, neither the General Assembly nor any political subdivision of this State shall enact any legislation, rule, or regulation regarding the operation of casino gaming as defined in this Amendment.”


Family Council Denounces Poker Amendment

FRIDAY, MAY 4, 2012

In a statement issued Friday, Family Council President Jerry Cox denounced a push to further legalize casino gambling in Arkansas.

“This is yet another case of a corporation trying to write itself into the Arkansas Constitution,” Cox said. “Nancy Todd’s Poker Palace and Entertainment, LLC, wants a casino monopoly. That’s what this is about.”

Cox pointed out this is not the first time a corporation has tried to write itself into the constitution. “Michael Wasserman, out of Texas, has tried it. This attempt isn’t any different. These people aren’t doing Arkansas any favors. They aren’t bringing casinos to Arkansas to benefit Arkansas. They’re doing it to fatten their wallets.”

Cox also addressed his group’s opposition to gambling in general. “It’s no secret that we oppose gambling. It hurts the poor, and pulls money out of the local economy. We fought the legalization of the so-called ‘games of skill’ at Oaklawn and Southland; now their racetracks are essentially just casinos with horses or greyhounds out back. We fought the lottery; you only have to read the papers to see what a fiasco it has been. If Arkansas lets a private company write itself into the constitution, I can guarantee we’re going to have even more trouble.”


Bald Knob City Council Bans Bingo

In Bald Knob, Arkansas, the city council has approved a ban on bingo for cash prizes. This comes as a result complaints from many residents about the games. From the report: “Alderman Johnny Hodges said the games tend to draw more players from nearby Searcy than Bald Knob. Hodges said many seniors in Bald Knob no longer use the senior citizens’ center because of the games.” Read more from 40/29 News by clicking here.