Group: Planned Parenthood Didn’t Call 911 to Report Botched Abortion

A national pro-life group is claiming that a Planned Parenthood clinic in Chicago didn’t call 911 to report a botched abortion that killed a woman. Click here to read the full report from The Blaze.

We pray that if it’s  true that this clinic was medically negligent, that justice will prevail. This is a horrific reminder that abortion is not safe. Our thoughts and prayers go out to this woman’s family and friends.

Komen President Resigns

“Searches were under way to find a president, chief executive and chief operating officer, a post that has been vacant since late 2009, said Nancy G. Brinker, who is the founder and current CEO of the nation’s largest breast-cancer charity. She said she would assume a new role after top leadership positions were filled. The departure of President Elizabeth Thompson will take effect Sept. 7,” reports