Arizona School Voucher Plan Upheld by County Judge

In Arizona, Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Maria del Mar Verdin “upheld a new law giving some parents access to state funds to send their children to private and parochial schools, paving the way to make vouchers available for all of the more than one million children now in public schools.” This is a great step forward for school choice.

Continues the story: “The plan that Verdin upheld is a relatively small program, designed to help only students with special needs, such as children who had been in foster care and those with disabilities. But Sen. Rick Murphy, R-Glendale, conceded that once all the legal hurdles are overcome, he wants the program to become the template for providing the same option for children statewide.”

Education Frustration

The following is a post from Family Council staff member Sarah Bean.

There are some days at work that I genuinely miss school. Granted, those days are rare and it’s more like nap time, recess, and the breaks that I miss—because I surely don’t miss all the standardized tests that were required. No, those days are long gone. Don’t misunderstand me: Education has served me well. In fact, I wish I was a better student back when I was in school. What about our kids today? How is the education system serving them?