Arkansas Lottery Commission: Where Students Come in Last

The following blog post is by Family Council staff member Ken Yang.

Late Friday afternoon (when most people aren’t paying close attention to the news), the Arkansas Lottery Commission (ALC) held a press conference to let everyone know their former deputy security director stole $477,893 in winnings from lottery tickets.

This comes only a few days after the ALC reports the lottery came up $33 million short of their projected revenue for 2013—meaning less money for students’ scholarships.


Lottery Officials Cherry-Pick Their Numbers

In 2008, then-Lt. Governor Bill Halter promised Arkansans the Arkansas Lottery would “generate” at least $100 million in college scholarships every year.

A year later, then-Lottery Director Ernie Passailaigue estimated it would be more like $116 million.

Both men completely dismissed one estimate at the time, however: The Department of Finance and Administration’s.