Arkansas Lottery Percentages Among the Worst in the Nation

National Average is 31.5%; Arkansas 21.8%

According to figures published by the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), the Arkansas Lottery pays one of the worst percentages in the nation when it comes to proceeds as a percentage of ticket sales.

In Lottery Payouts and State Revenue, a report published by the NCSL in 2008 citing figures from state lotteries in 2006, state lotteries nationwide averaged 31.5% of ticket sales going to the states for designated purposes such as schools, highways or college scholarships.  The rest was spent on prizes and administrative costs, including advertising.


Final Comments Delivered to Lottery Commission: 36 For, 1,220 Against

Members of our staff are delivering the final comments about lottery ticket vending machines to the Lottery Commission this afternoon.

Yesterday, we delivered almost 1,200 comments to the Commission; however, we promised we would accept comments up until this afternoon, and that’s what we’ve done.

About 60 additional comments came into our office between yesterday afternoon and today—most of which were against the machines.

The final comment tally:

1,220 people commented against the machines.

36 people commented in favor of the machines.