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Video: FDA Using Aborted Babies for Scientific Research

Earlier this month we learned the federal Food and Drug Administration is contracting with a company to use organs and tissue harvested from aborted babies for scientific research. Watch the video below to learn more.

No Comparison Between Ten Commandments Monument and Baphomet Statue

Last week the Satanic Temple caused quite a stir when it parked 7½-foot statue of baphomet — a satanic figure — in front of the Capitol Building for a couple of hours. Protesters cheered, screamed expletives, and shouted, “Hail Satan” as

Satanic Temple Holds Protest On Arkansas Capitol Steps

In what can best be described as a circus, the Satanic Temple held a protest rally on the steps of the Arkansas Capitol Building yesterday. The Satanic Temple held the event to protest Arkansas’ monument of the Ten Commandments unveiled

Fiscal Year Off to a Dismal Start at Arkansas Lottery

Last week the Arkansas Lottery released its financial report for the month of July. The report shows Fiscal Year 2019 is off to a dismal start for the Lottery. The Arkansas Lottery took in more than $42.4 million last month,

Video: Schools Can’t Stop Students From Praying

State Commissioner of Education Reminds Public Schools They Can’t Block Student Prayer.