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Is Marijuana Safer Than Alcohol?

The following blog post is by Family Council staff member Deborah Beuerman. People who smoke marijuana frequently claim it’s safer than alcohol.  But why should that make a difference?  Both are harmful.  People get addicted to both.  People’s bodies are damaged


Schoolchildren Hospitalized After Eating Marijuana Brownies

According to news sources, schoolchildren in Utah became sick and were hospitalized after eating brownies laced with marijuana last week. The children reportedly acquired the brownies from a student at school. As we continue to say each time something like

Federal Court Upholds Constitutionality of Ceremonial Prayer

Last week the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a lower court decision against ceremonial prayers at government meetings. City councils and quorum courts around the country often open meetings with prayer–a practice that predates the U.S. Constitution itself and has routinely been ruled

Joint Session of the United States Congress

Why Does the Electoral College Matter?

Many voters today do not fully grasp the importance of the Electoral College in presidential elections. Below is a video from Dennis Prager’s Pager University highlighting three important things the Electoral College does: Protect against the tyranny of the majority. Encourage

AL Woman Arrested for Giving Marijuana Brownies to Teen

According to news sources, an Alabama woman was arrested after giving marijuana-laced brownies to a teen girl. The girl reportedly became ill and was taken to the emergency room for treatment. No other information on the girl’s condition has been released.