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Driver Allegedly Admits to Marijuana Use Prior to Fatal Crash

News sources report a New York man is currently on trial for multiple charges, including two counts of criminally negligent homicide. According to police, in August of 2015 the man in question crashed into a motorcycle carrying two riders; both riders died at


Driver Smokes Marijuana, Hits Police Cruiser

A Connecticut man crashed his vehicle into a police cruiser after smoking marijuana yesterday, according to news sources. The driver reportedly admitted to smoking marijuana two hours before the crash; had marijuana in his possession; and failed a field sobriety test.

Researchers Find Secondhand Marijuana Smoke Restricts Bloodflow

A study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association has found that secondhand marijuana smoke diminishes blood vessel function similarly to secondhand tobacco smoke, but the marijuana smoke’s effects last three times as long. The study effectively confirms what many have said for


“The NIH Wants Pig Men”

Recently we told you about a news story that sounds like something straight out of a checkout-line tabloid: The National Institute of Health is considering using public funds for research that creates human-animal hybrids or “chimeras.” Researchers inject human stem


New Study Finds Poor, Uneducated Use Marijuana the Most

A new, massive study published in the Journal of Drugs examines trends among marijuana users from 2002 to 2013. According to news sources, among other things, the study found: The national marijuana market grew during that time–especially in terms of the number of daily