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Report: Lottery Scholarship Funding Down From Last Year

This week the Arkansas Lottery released its financial report for the month of March. The report shows the Arkansas Lottery took in roughly $43.4 million, but paid out $6.2 million to scholarships–about 14 cents of every dollar. Overall, despite being

Target CEO Admits Bathroom Policy Announcement Was a Mistake

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, Target’s CEO does not seem to regret the company’s decision to invite men into the women’s changing areas and restrooms at its stores–but he does regret the fact the policy was so widely publicized.

Family Council Signs Letter Urging Congress to De-Fund Planned Parenthood

Family Council has always opposed abortion and has always believed that public funds should never be used to pay for abortion or subsidize abortion providers. This week we joined other pro-life organizations in signing a letter urging Congress to redirect public funding

Two-Year-Old Taken to E.R. After Marijuana Exposure

According to news sources, a Nebraska two-year-old suffering from lethargy was taken to the hospital E.R., where she tested positive for THC–main ingredient in marijuana. The child’s daycare provider reportedly admitted to serving the child cookies that were baked in a pan previously used

Senate Passes Bill Generally Banning Marijuana-Smoking

Today the Arkansas Senate voted to pass H.B. 1400. This good bill generally prohibits marijuana-smoking in Arkansas. It prevents people from smoking marijuana anywhere that tobacco smoking is prohibited by law–such as in restaurants–as well as around young children and pregnant