For the past couple of weeks, our staff has been going through Focus on the Family’s “The Truth Project”—an intensive DVD-based study defending the Christian worldview. We have been through this helpful study before, but this time around, it seems the staff has experienced a very welcome burst of encouragement.

A Christian worldview is the foundation for our work here at Family Council; without the ability to see the world through God’s eyes, it would be impossible for us to effectively fight for the family. But sometimes discouragement does come. That’s why “The Truth Project” has been a breath of fresh air for the office.

Dr. Del Tackett, the study’s author and teacher, does an expert job reaffirming the values we all hold dear. Our office has certainly been reenergized by his powerful teaching.

It is easy to let the world get you down. Lies seem to be around every corner. “The Truth Project” lays bare the world’s hollow and deceptive claims by showing Christians and skeptics alike that to find the truth, you have to look ‘outside of the box.’ Family Council highly recommends this study, because we believe that you’ll be encouraged and strengthened in your faith like never before.

To find out more about “The Truth Project” and how you can get it for your family or church group, click here.