If you are tired of websites that look like bulletin boards with everything imaginable pinned to them, you’ll find our new website a breath of fresh air.

Simple, interactive, informative, and easy to navigate—that’s what we’ve captured in our new website.

For us, building this new website has been a bit like moving into a new house. We got rid of some stuff that wasn’t very useful, and we arranged our rooms so they’re easy to get to. Sometimes it is good to start over with something brand new.

This new site is interactive. You can watch my weekly videos about current issues affecting Arkansas. You can read my daily blog. We’re on Facebook and Twitter. Every day there’s something new!

We’re building an online library with news releases, e-mail alerts, update letters, policy briefs, resources for churches, and much more—but not so much that you have information overload.

When it comes to keeping up with the bills in the Arkansas Legislature, you can find them at your fingertips through our new legislative section.

We’re building this website as we go, but there’s already a lot to see at FamilyCouncil.org.