Family Council Responds to Report that Roe v. Wade Will Be Overturned

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

LITTLE ROCK, AR – On Monday night, news outlets reported that a draft opinion in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health abortion case had been leaked to the media. The draft opinion seems to indicate that the U.S. Supreme Court plans to overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court abortion decision. 

Family Council President Jerry Cox issued a statement, saying, “It’s incredible to know that the U.S. Supreme Court may be planning to overturn Roe v. Wade. There are people who have dedicated their entire lives to doing exactly that. It appears that when this draft opinion was written in February, a majority of the Court’s nine justices wanted to overturn Roe. The draft opinion says plainly that ‘Roe was egregiously wrong from the start.’ If the court reverses Roe, then thousands of unborn babies will be saved from abortion in Arkansas and elsewhere every year. But this is not a done deal. The justices could still change their votes. This ruling won’t be final until the court releases its official decision between now and the end of June.”

Cox said the draft opinion would put the issue of abortion under the purview of state lawmakers and congress. “Unfortunately, the fight over abortion is not over. It has entered a different phase. The draft opinion would not end abortion altogether. It would leave the door open for state legislators and congress to pass their own abortion laws. If the U.S. Supreme Court issues this opinion as its official decision in a few weeks, it will be up to states to decide what abortion laws they want to enact.”

Cox said that Arkansas’ lawmakers and pro-life advocates have worked to prepare the state for such a time as this. “We are all blessed to live in Arkansas, the most pro-life state in the nation. Arkansans are pro-life, and our laws reflect that. When this ruling is final, there will be no safer place for women and their unborn children than in Arkansas. Our good, pro-life laws that are already on the books will become enforceable. Under those laws, women will be protected from the harm that abortion causes them, and unborn children will get to live and grow up.”

Cox outlined a few of Arkansas’ laws that will prohibit abortion if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade next month. “Amendment 68 to the Arkansas Constitution says that Arkansas will protect the life of every unborn child as much as the federal constitution allows. The Arkansas Legislature passed a ‘trigger law’ in 2019 that makes abortion illegal, except to save the mother’s life, if Roe v. Wade is reversed. The Arkansas Legislature also passed a law in 2021 prohibiting abortion except to save the mother’s life. That law is tied up in federal court right now, but it could be enforced if the court overturns Roe v. Wade.”

Cox said he does not believe abortionists in Arkansas will give up if Roe v. Wade is overturned. “I expect groups like Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and those who profit financially from abortion will work to keep abortion legal in places like California, and they will work to make abortion legal in places like Arkansas. We are confident that Attorney General Leslie Rutledge and her staff will fight to see Arkansas’ pro-life laws enforced. The Arkansas Legislature may be the most pro-life legislature in the nation. If more laws are needed after the Supreme Court ruling is made final, we are confident Arkansas’ lawmakers will pass any additional laws necessary. Overturning Roe v. Wade would be a huge victory, but there may still be work to do.”

Family Council is a conservative education and research organization based in Little Rock with a mission of promoting, protecting, and strengthening traditional family values.


Family Council Action Committee Releases 2021 Legislative Report Card and Names Recipients of 2021 Statesman Awards

Below is a news release from Family Council Action Committee.

LITTLE ROCK, AR – On Tuesday Family Council Action Committee released its legislative report card for the 2021 Arkansas General Assembly. The report card scored 27 bills in the Arkansas House and 23 bills in the Arkansas Senate. Bills ranged from right-to-life, education, the LGBTQ agenda, religious liberty, and other issues. Lawmakers earned letter grades ranging from A-F based on how they voted on the bills. Lawmakers had to vote on at least 60% of the bills in the report card in order to receive a letter grade and to be considered for the award. 

Jerry Cox, President of Family Council Action Committee, stated, “We chose bills based on our core belief in promoting, protecting, and strengthening traditional family values. These bills were chosen because they address issues conservative Arkansans care about, including abortion; religious liberty; the LGBTQ agenda; education; and others. We wanted to answer the common question from constituents, ‘How did my legislator vote?’” Arkansans can order the report card by calling 501-375-7000, emailing or see candidates’ votes online at  

Family Council Action Committee also announced the recipients of the 2021 Statesman Award. “This year we again awarded legislators for their hard work and good votes,” Cox stated, “we commend these legislators for promoting, protecting, and strengthening traditional family values during the 2021 legislative session.” Fifty-eight legislators received the award based on how they voted on the bills or if they sponsored legislation in the report card. 

The 2021 Statesman Award recipients included 24 senators and 34 representatives:

Senator Bob Ballinger (R – Ozark)
Senator Charles Beckham (R – McNeil)
Senator Cecile Bledsoe (R – Rogers) 
Senator Ronald Caldwell (R – Wynne)
Senator Alan Clark (R – Lonsdale)
Senator Jane English (R – North Little Rock)
Senator Scott Flippo (R – Bull Shoals)
Senator Trent Garner (R – El Dorado)
Senator Ben Gilmore (R – Crossett)
Senator Kim Hammer (R – Benton)
Senator Bart Hester (R – Cave Springs)
Senator Ricky Hill (R – Cabot)
Senator Missy Irvin (R – Mountain View)
Senator Blake Johnson (R – Corning)
Senator Mark Johnson (R – Little Rock)
Senator Mathew Pitsch (R – Fort Smith)
Senator Jason Rapert (R – Conway)
Senator Terry Rice (R – Waldron)
Senator Bill Sample (R – Hot Springs)
Senator Gary Stubblefield (R – Branch)
Senator James Sturch (R – Batesville)
Senator Dan Sullivan (R – Jonesboro)
Senator Larry Teague (D – Nashville)
Senator David Wallace (R – Leachville)
Representative Sonia Barker (R – Smackover)
Representative Howard M Beaty, Jr. (R – Crossett)
Representative Rick Beck (R – Center Ridge)
Representative Mary Bentley (R – Perryville)
Representative Justin Boyd (R – Fort Smith)
Representative Ken Bragg (R – Sheridan)
Representative Harlan Breaux (R – Holiday Island)
Representative Keith Brooks (R – Little Rock)
Representative Joshua Bryant (R – Rogers)
Representative John Carr (R – Rogers)
Representative Joe Cloud (R – Russellville)
Representative Cameron Cooper (R – Romance)
Representative Cindy Crawford (R – Fort Smith)
Representative Jim Dotson (R – Bentonville)
Representative Charlene Fite (R – Van Buren)
Representative Tony Furman (R – Benton)
Representative Jimmy Gazaway (R – Paragould)
Representative Mark Lowery (R – Maumelle)
Representative Robin Lundstrum (R – Elm Springs)
Representative Roger Lynch (R – Lonoke)
Representative Julie Mayberry (R – Hensley)
Representative Austin McCollum (R – Bentonville)
Representative Richard McGrew (R – Hot Springs)
Representative Gayla McKenzie (R – Gravette)
Representative Jon Milligan (R – Lake City)
Representative John Payton (R – Wilburn)
Representative Clint Penzo (R – Springdale)
Representative Aaron Pilkington (R – Knoxville)
Representative David Ray (R – Maumelle)
Representative Johnny Rye (R – Trumann)
Representative Brandt Smith (R – Jonesboro)
Representative Kendon Underwood (R-Cave Springs)
Representative DeAnn Vaught (R – Horatio)
Representative Richard Womack (R – Arkadelphia)

Family Council Action Committee Political Director Ken Yang is working with the recipients to schedule presentation of the awards to the legislators in their districts in the coming weeks. 

Family Council Action Committee is a conservative, pro-family, Christian 501(c)(4) organization based in Little Rock, Arkansas.


Legislators Propose Bad Hate Crimes Bill

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Little Rock – On Wednesday, Arkansas State Senator Jim Hendren (R) – Gravette and State Representative Nicole Clowney (D) – Fayetteville renewed calls for Arkansas to pass hate crimes legislation.

Family Council President Jerry Cox released a statement, saying, “No law has ever stopped hate, and no law ever will. It’s a matter of the heart. The experience of other states proves that hate crimes laws do not work. Over the past few years we’ve seen despicable crimes committed in states that have hate crimes laws. According to the FBI, the states with the most hate crimes all have hate crimes laws. It’s clear that hate crimes laws simply do not work. This hate crimes law does nothing to address issues like police brutality, no-knock warrants, racial profiling, and unequal justice. It does nothing to address the real issues that people are deeply concerned about. We all agree something needs to be done to address racism in our state, but passing a hate crimes law isn’t the answer.”

Cox said hate crimes laws promote unequal justice. “Laws like the one being proposed here in Arkansas treat crimes and their victims unequally. Targeting anyone and committing a crime is wrong and currently illegal. When hate crimes laws levy harsher penalties for targeting some people but not others, the punishments can differ even if the crimes are the same. The penalty for assault or murder should be the same no matter the victim’s race, religion, or sexual-orientation.”

Cox said Family Council will oppose any effort to pass hate crimes legislation in Arkansas. “We have opposed hate crimes laws every time they have been proposed at the Arkansas Legislature since the 1990s. This legislation was a bad idea 25 years ago, and it’s still a bad idea today.”