Pro-Abortion Scare Tactics: Guest Column

Activists are working hard to convince that abortion makes everyone safer, including babies.

In the wake of the Dobbs decision that overturned Roe v. Wade, pro-abortion activists have launched large-scale media campaigns to drive a false narrative that pro-life laws are harmful. 

For example, AP News recently shared a study that infant deaths have risen 8% in Texas since the passing of an abortion ban. The claim that more children are dying because they weren’t killed in the womb is odd enough, but the study also failed to account for the lives saved from abortion.  

Another scare tactic wielded by the pro-abortion movement is telling outlying stories of women who have been victims of medical malpractice to scare other women about what their lives could be without abortion.  

The answer is more clarity about the law for healthcare professionals, not greater access to abortion. After all, abortion poses risks to the health of women, and when performed “successfully,” always end in a death.  

The fight for life requires us to counter this lie that abortion is healthcare. 

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The Ten Commandments Provide a Moral Code: Guest Column

Recently, the governor of Louisiana signed a bill that requires every public classroom in the state to display the Ten Commandments. Headlines quickly reported panic and filed lawsuits, but is the idea that far-fetched? 

No. Historically, the Mosaic Law was one of the first recorded legal codes, dating only a few hundred years after Hammurabi’s Code of Babylon. As State Representative Dodie Horton explained, this is reason enough for the bill. “It doesn’t preach a certain religion,” she said, “but it definitely shows what a moral code we all should live by is.” And, America cannot be understood separate from the idea of a moral law, this one in particular. In fact, both the Magna Carta and the Declaration of Independence appeal to it.  

It would be ironic if a legal challenge goes to the U.S. Supreme Court. After all, on the east side of the building is Moses holding the Ten Commandments.

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Support Drops for Same-Sex ‘Marriage’: Guest Column

Are Americans dropping their rainbow zeal because of a zealot takeover?

A few days ago, David Von Drehle of The Washington Post scolded pro-lifers for allowing so-called “zealots” to take over their movement after winning the victory of overturning Roe v. Wade. In the piece, he compared pro-lifers to the Khmer Rouge of 1970s Cambodia, which, after its victory, began murdering its own members for trivial “offenses.” In Von Drehle’s mind, pro-lifers who are now calling attention to the ethical problems with IVF are doing the same thing: allowing counterproductive radicals to take over the movement in the wake of a victory. 

The irony here is that the kind of radical overreach Von Drehle is talking about is happening, just not in the pro-life movement. Rather, his analysis more closely describes another major political movement that, not too long ago, won a decisive victory at the Supreme Court. In the years since the Court redefined marriage for the whole country in 2015 in Obergefell v. Hodges, the LGBTQ movement has been overtaken by its most radical wing, who has demanded all kinds of new rights. 

No sooner had marriage “equality” been achieved, these activists demanded “transgender equality” that included giving men access to women’s bathrooms and lockers, hosting “drag queen story hours” at libraries, providing tax-funded gender transitions, and indoctrinating kids and taking them away from their parents. Some relentlessly persecuted businesspeople, such as cake artist Jack Phillips and florist Barronelle Stutzman, for refusing to join their celebrations. And most began demanding the entire population adopt new language, obey pronoun requirements, and join various “pride” celebrations.  

Perhaps then, we shouldn’t wonder that the years-long trend of growing support for so-called gay “marriage” has paused. Perhaps, it is even reversed. 

A recent poll by the Public Religion Research Institute found that support for same-sex “marriage” dropped by at least two points last year, and support for “gay rights” anti-discrimination policies fell by four points. Also, opposition to businesses refusing certain services on religious grounds fell by five points. 

Every major media outlet that reported on these findings quickly assured readers that a large majority of Americans still support gay “marriage” and “rights.” Still, this reversal is significant. It may even suggest a potential backlash, especially since even young Americans are losing their rainbow zeal. The PRRI study also found that those 18-29 are now eight points less likely to support nondiscrimination laws than they were in 2020. The LGBTQ movement, remember, has long prided itself on its high youth support.  

At the same time, Pew Research reported that a growing majority of registered voters in the U.S. affirm that “a person’s gender is determined by their sex at birth.” In 2017, only 53% of voters thought gender was determined by sex. Today, 65% say it is—this after years of incessant preaching by activists and elites that gender is subjective and has nothing to do with a person’s body.  

This is the movement that has experienced the sort of takeover by zealots that Von Drehle accused pro-lifers of allowing. In the days after Obergefell, LGBTQ activists decided the culture was theirs for the taking, and there was no longer anyone standing in the way of their broader agenda. The “T” in particular, whose proponents haven’t always had the best relationship with the “L” or the “G,” decided to piggyback off their success, but it appears to have backfired. At the very least, their cultural progress has stalled, and the movement is losing ground. Perhaps Americans have just tired of the preaching. Consider how “pride month” festivities this year seem a bit subdued. 

The lesson here is one of cautious encouragement. The cultural ascendency of bad ideas is not inevitable, nor is it irreversible. Often, those bad ideas carry within themselves the seeds of their own destruction, which means there is no excuse to give up or stop telling the truth, even when it seems the tide of cultural opinion is against us. Tides tend to turn, and movements that win quickly tend to let it go to their heads.   

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Copyright 2024 by the Colson Center for Christian Worldview. Reprinted from with permission.