Bill Filed to Make Abortions Illegal

Senator Jason Rapert (R – Conway) has filed a bill to make abortion illegal except in cases of medical emergency, such as when the mother’s life is at stake. 

If passed, the bill would not take effect immediately.  This is what is commonly called a “trigger law,” because it stipulates that the law will take effect if the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade abortion decision is reversed or changed by the courts.  Until federal law or the courts give states more leeway, it will lie dormant. 

This bill is in preparation for the day when states can once again make their own abortion laws. 

We are pleased to partner with Senator Rapert and our friends in the legislature to work for the passage of this good law.

Please call your state senator and your state representative and encourage them to vote for S.B. 149.

The number for the Arkansas Senate switchboard is 501-682-2902. 

The number for the Arkansas House switchboard is 501-682-6211.

You can reach an operator to leave a message only during business hours.  

Announce this in your church, and ask your friends to call as well.  We will keep you posted as other good pro-life legislation is filed. 

You can read S.B. 149 by clicking here.

You can reach Senator Rapert to thank him at or 501-336-0918.