Last week I told you we needed to get rid of 30,000 printed copies of the Arkansas Voter’s Guide. So far roughly 15,000 of those guides have been ordered, meaning about 1/2 of our printed guides are already gone!

If you need printed copies of the Arkansas Voter’s Guide, don’t wait! Call our office at (501) 375-7000 today to request your free copy. We can send you as many copies as you need to pass around at work, at church, in Sunday school, or among your friends and neighbors.

If you live in Central Arkansas, feel free to come by our office in downtown Little Rock to pick up as many voter’s guides as you need. Call our office for directions, and let us know how many copies of the guide to have waiting for you.

Orders are coming in constantly, and the rest of our printed guides may go very quickly over the next few days. Don’t wait to order yours. Call us today or go to