The Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview has re-released one of Chuck’s classic Breakpoint commentaries. Chuck’s words are as relevant today as ever.

In his commentary Chuck describes how, if we look at history, ancient, pagan sexual practices degraded and endangered women and children. He notes how Judaism’s (and Christianity’s) practice of confining sexual activity to between a married husband and wife was revolutionary at the time, and how it advanced the rights of women and children.

Chuck writes,

“Before the Jews were placed in the Ancient Near East, the pagan world was already a sexual free-for-all that debased women, boys, and religion itself in the service of male lust. Every aspect of life was sexualized. The pagan gods engaged in no-holds-barred sex, and so did the people. Homosexuality had almost unquestioned acceptance in the ancient world. …

“Not surprisingly, then, women were relegated to the sidelines, important for giving birth and running the home, but not important as real and equal partners to men, who had other sexual options — with boys and other men.

“That’s why Judaism’s claim that God created sex only for a man and a woman in marriage was so revolutionary — and despised by ancient pagans and modern pagans I might add as well.”

You can read Chuck’s entire commentary here or listen to it below.

[audio:|titles=Chuck Colson – Judaism’s Sexual Revolution]