This morning the House Judiciary Committee voted to concur in the amendments the Arkansas Senate made to H.B. 1228, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA).

This brings the bill one step closer to the governor’s desk.

The bill passed the committee with 11 representatives voting for it; 5 representatives voting against it; and 4 representatives not voting.

Below is a breakdown of the vote.

The Following Representatives Voted for the Bill

  • Rep. House (R-North Little Rock)
  • Rep. Ballinger (R-Hindsville)
  • Rep. Baine (D-El Dorado)
  • Rep. Farrer (R-Austin)
  • Rep. Petty (R-Rogers)
  • Rep. Drown (R-Dover)
  • Rep. Michelle Gray (R-Melbourne)
  • Rep. Copeland (R-Little Rock)
  • Rep. Tosh (R-Jonesboro)
  • Rep. Beck (R-Center Ridge)
  • Rep. Rushing (R-Hot Springs)

The Following Representatives Voted Against the Bill

  • Rep. Scott (R-Rogers)
  • Rep. Eddie Armstrong (D-North Little Rock)
  • Rep. Whitaker (D-Fayetteville)
  • Rep. Broadaway (D-Paragould)
  • Rep. Bennett (D-Lonoke)

The Following Representatives Did Not Vote

  • Rep. Vines (D-Hot Springs)
  • Rep. Talley (D-Hope)
  • Rep. Wright (D-Forrest City)
  • Rep. Shepherd (R-El Dorado)

The bill now goes to the entire House of Representatives for a vote.

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  1. Larry Davis

    Thank you for keeping us informed. I am doing my calling. Do you have an email for the Governor? I have his phone number and am using it.

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