Eric Metaxas has published a thoughtful commentary at the Chuck Colson Center articulating how same-sex marriage is changing marriage–not simply “expanding” it as many proponents of same-sex marriage try to argue.

Metaxas writes,

“The problem is that same-sex couples and opposite-sex couples are not nearly as alike as those making these arguments would have us believe. . . .

“Last year, in a Daily Beast article provocatively entitled ‘Were Christians Right About Gay Marriage All Along?’ gay activist Jay Michaelson acknowledged that there ‘is some truth to the conservative claim that gay marriage is changing, not just expanding, marriage.’

“Michaelson cited a 2013 study finding that ‘about half of gay marriages surveyed . . . [are] not strictly monogamous.’ He called this fact ‘well-known in the gay community,’ adding that ‘we assume it’s more like three-quarters’ that are not monogamous. They are, to cite a now-popular phrase, ‘monagam-ish.’

“Michaelson admitted that his straight friends who believed that they ‘were fighting for marriage equality, not marriage redefinition,’ felt ‘duped.’ But he was unapologetic. In his words, ‘actual monogamy has never been an actual norm,’ as opposed to an ideal.”

You can listen to Metaxas’ full commentary below or read it here.