You may be aware that a Christian couple who owned a bakery in Oregon has been targeted since 2013 for declining to bake a cake for a same-sex ceremony.

Not only has the judge in the case hit the bakers with $135,000 in damages; state officials also are trying to enforce a gag order against them, effectively preventing them from articulating the religious convictions by which they are seeking to live.

Eric Metaxas writes about the gag order,

“‘How is this legal?’ you might ask. It probably isn’t, but we live in a culture where traditional beliefs about marriage are increasingly seen as aberrations to be eradicated, and the people seeking to do the eradicating aren’t about to let the First Amendment stand in their way. . . .

“In its recent same-sex marriage decision, the Supreme Court equated ‘liberty’ with ‘dignity’ and defined ‘dignity’ as essentially the right to public affirmation of your choices.

“That puts Christians in the crosshairs. In an age where feelings are what matters, there is potentially no limit to how people can feel ‘not affirmed.'”

You can read Metaxas’ full commentary on the gag order here or listen to it below.

[audio:|titles=Forget the First Amendment by Eric Metaxas]