daily_commentary_11_03_15Our friends at the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview have produced an excellent commentary on the “unseriousness” of our culture.

John Stonestreet notes,

“At any given moment, what’s most likely to cause social media outlets like Twitter to explode isn’t a humanitarian crisis, a natural disaster, or a critical political issue—it’s a celebrity feud or some other pop culture story.

“Surveying our cultural landscape, it’s difficult to avoid the conclusion that the defining characteristic of modern Western culture, at least in the United States, is that it is unserious. Now, by ‘un-serious’ I don’t mean that we should walk around with a furrowed brow and only talk about Kierkegaard or nineteenth-century German Romanticism. What I’m referring to is the nihilism of what German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche called ‘last men,’ apathetic creatures without any great passions or commitments.”

You can read Stonestreet’s entire commentary here, or listen to it below.

[audio:http://www.breakpoint.org/images/content/breakpoint/audio/2015/110315_BP.mp3|titles=Caring About Small Things and Overlooking Big Things]