Yesterday the Arkansas Lottery released its monthly financial report for August.

According to the report, the Arkansas Lottery took in nearly $35.1 million in August, but paid out less than $5.5 million in scholarship funds; that’s about 15.7% of the Lottery’s revenue.

For reference, the Arkansas Lottery paid 18.6% of its revenue to scholarships in August of 2013; 16.8% in August of 2014; and 17.6% in August of 2015. That makes August of 2016 one of the more dismal months for scholarships at the Arkansas Lottery.

Below is a breakdown of lottery funds for Fiscal Year 2017, which began in July.

Month Gross Lottery Revenue Paid to Scholarships % Gross Revenue
July 38,237,293.92 8,714,386.39 22.8%
August 35,091,022.09 5,498,714.86 15.7%
Total $73,328,316.01 $14,213,101.25 19.4%