Tom_Cotton_official_Senate_photoThis week Family Council wrote a letter to U.S. Senator Tom Cotton thanking him for co-sponsoring S. 1668, a federal law that cracks down on predatory Internet gambling.

Internet gambling is an Arkansas issue. The Arkansas Casinos Amendment that will appear on the November ballot arguably authorizes online casinos in Arkansas. It permits any gambling that is permitted in a number of other states, including Nevada, which has had Internet gambling since 2013.

Family Council always has opposed gambling—especially Internet gambling and any other type of gambling that may harm children. Evidence overwhelmingly shows compulsive gambling is higher among Internet gamblers than non-Internet gamblers, and minors who gamble are at greater risk of developing a gambling disorder.

The ability to gamble easily, quickly, and anonymously at home via multiple games or websites makes Internet gambling more dangerous than other forms of gambling.

We are grateful to U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton for his stance against predatory Internet gambling.

Click here to read our letter to U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton.