asnaThe following press release is from the Arkansas School Nurses Association.

October 10, 2016

“Arkansans trust us with their children’s wellbeing. Please trust us that issues 6 & 7 are wrong for Arkansas.”

Little Rock –Today the Arkansas School Nurses Association voiced their opposition to both issue 6 & 7 because of the detrimental effect that they pose to our children in Arkansas.

Arkansas School Nurses Association issued the following statement: “We voice our concerns today not for a lack of compassion and empathy for those experiencing chronic pain, rather, we stand in opposition to these ballot issues for the real risk that they pose to our children. Arkansas’s children are our most precious resource and safeguarding them is our most important task. Issues 6 & 7 provide an opening that will allow our children to be exposed to the harmful uses of drugs and smoking.”

About the Arkansas School Nurses Association: ASNA is a nonprofit specialty nursing organization that works to promote and advance the quality of school health services in the state of Arkansas. As school nurses we are dedicated to helping students stay healthy, safe, and achieve success while at school.