Kush_closeThe following blog post is by Family Council staff member Deborah Beuerman.

You may have seen the TV ad put out by those who want you to vote for legal marijuana. The ad shows a mother drawing a certain amount of liquid into a syringe and putting it in her baby’s mouth. She says the liquid comes from the marijuana plant and has made the baby’s seizures stop. She says without marijuana her baby would be lifeless in a wheelchair. Really? Why would you put a baby in a wheelchair—especially a lifeless one?

It is true that scientists and doctors are studying the marijuana derivative CBD for controlling two specific types of epileptic seizures in children. And it might turn out to be a good medicine when the studies are finished.

CBD oil appears to be what the mother is giving her baby in the ad, but the marijuana issues on our ballot are not about CBD oil or real medicine that can be measured and given to children. They are about making marijuana available for anyone to smoke, eat in candy or cookies, or drink in sodas.

Any person can claim to have pain or nausea and get a doctor’s permission slip to use marijuana. You can’t measure how much active ingredient you get in a few puffs or in a sprinkle of dried flowers.

If these ballot issues were really about giving liquid medicine to babies, why didn’t they write them that way? In the over 20 pages and 11,000 words in each measure you won’t find CBD or anything about preparing it for babies.

Don’t be fooled. VOTE AGAINST Issues 6 and 7.