Kush_closeAn audit by the Michigan Auditor General has revealed some troubling information about the state’s “medical” marijuana program.

According to the state’s audit, one doctor in Michigan signed off on 11,810 “medical” marijuana patients. That’s 14% of all “medical” marijuana users in the state.

Even if that doctor worked 80 hours per week, 52 weeks per year, he or she would only have about 20 minutes to devote to each marijuana patient every year. How can a doctor possibly oversee that many “medical” marijuana users?

Also startling: 22 other doctors signed off on 46,854 marijuana users; that’s nearly 2,130 marijuana users per doctor, on average. How can such a small number of doctors possibly monitor marijuana use by so many people?

Altogether, this report shows that roughly 70% of the marijuana notes certifying people to use “medical” marijuana in Michigan come from just 23 doctors. The same thing can happen in Arkansas under Issue 6.

With numbers like these, it’s plain to see “medical” marijuana is really just recreational marijuana by another name.

Anyone with pain or nausea can use marijuana.

Doctors don’t prescribe marijuana; they write a note that lets a marijuana user get a marijuana card.

Marijuana isn’t dispensed through a pharmacy; marijuana cardholders buy it from a store.

And marijuana use is not regulated or overseen in any meaningful sense.

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