Kush_closeAs you know, Arkansans recently passed a very bad marijuana amendment that effectively brings recreational marijuana to Arkansas under the auspices of “medicine.” We are currently looking at ways to head off the marijuana industry in Arkansas before Arkansans are harmed or killed by marijuana-use.

Right now we are considering:

  • Reducing the number of medical conditions in Issue 6 to make it harder to smoke marijuana recreationally.
  • Protecting children from marijuana candy, desserts, soft drinks, and other enticing items.
  • Prohibiting drugged driving.
  • Banning marijuana advertisements.
  • Regulating marijuana stores.
  • Helping cities and counties pass legislation to ban marijuana stores and farms.
  • Limiting the number of marijuana farms and marijuana stores in Arkansas.

These are just some of the goals we are considering right now. Your generous support makes this work possible. I hope you will take the time to give a gift to Family Council today. Click here to donate.