Today is the one-year anniversary of the Arkansas Lottery—and the real story is not about any “success” it’s had, but about how the lottery is failing students and preying upon the poorest in our state.

I can remember what they told us right before the lottery’s launch—that it would be “world-class.” However, I don’t see any proof of this promise. How can a lottery that gives less than 22 cents on the dollar to college scholarships and denied scholarships to about half of the students be considered “world-class”?

What’s more, there is data to prove that lottery ticket sales are highest in some of the poorest parts of Arkansas. I do not consider this a “success,” but rather, a blight on our state. We have allowed our own state government to engage in predatory gambling, and the end result has been great harm to families with the most to lose.

Despite our students getting let down and our most vulnerable citizens being hurt, the Arkansas Lottery Commission continues to exhibit arrogance and appear out-of-touch with what’s really going on. After all, the lottery director makes $324,000 a year and millions of dollars are being spent on advertising. You cannot tell me that this is a state lottery that is run responsibility and in the people’s best interest.

On the Arkansas Lottery’s one-year anniversary, I encourage folks to look beyond the façade and support our state legislature passing much-needed lottery reform in January.


  1. Why do you continue to compromise the values and beliefs of conservatives by denying Trevor Drown access to the voters guide. If you refuse to put him on the printed Arkansas Voters Guide you compromise the golden rule and do all good Christians a diservice. Do not let politics turn you into the devil. Also is it true that Vickie Boozman is one of your executive board members and you are doing this to as a favor to John Boozman?

  2. Joshua Gossage

    You know the first thing you hear Mr. Drown say in his opening is ” I am a Christian”. I can’t believe an organization that ‘say’ they stand for conservative values in this state would do something like this. Your organization, like so many others, just toss the political football around. I am truly sorry I ever donated money to your organization.

  3. Johnathan

    No kidding, I’ve heard the same thing as Mr. Gossage….he opens every speech with “My name is Trevor Drown, and I am a Christian”. I bet John Boozman wouldn’t have the guts to do that night after night! It’s pretty pathetic that an organization that claims to “proclaim truth, promote traditional family values, and reform government” won’t even give a Christian combat veteran who has literally put his life on the line time and time again for OUR FREEDOM a printed piece in YOUR PUBLICATION that he has earned by being put on the ballot by over 13,000 signatures! He deserves a piece in that publication just as much as John Boozman or anyone else. I didn’t even know Vickie Boozman was on the board… convenient. Does this organization enjoy tax exempt status? Wow, somebody should look into that. I will make sure that nobody I know will ever donate money to this organization. Like Mr. Gossage said….just tossing the political football around. Family Council is obviously PART OF THE PROBLEM, no solutions here.

  4. Adam Sheffield

    Wow, just found this thread. What a disgrace. I didn’t even know about this until I saw it on Facebook. I knew I wasn’t voting for Boozman a long time ago….but geez….I didn’t think his corrupt political arms outstretched this far. I noticed he won’t debate Mr. Drown….most likely because Mr. Drown will call him out on his lack of conservative values. As long as Boozman stays away from Trevor Drown then he doesn’t have to defend that. I will be telling a few folks that I know have been financially involved with this organization in the past…sadly this is just another underground PAC working for Republicans. “Part of the problem” as Johnathan said up there. I’ll be sticking with my principles and Trevor Drown. We’ll see what the people of Arkansas have to say. Oh btw @Johnathan…you got anyone in mind to investigate Family Council’s tax exempt status? I might know someone who would take that on…

  5. Admin

    I am pleased to let you know that Trevor Drown will appear in the printed Family Council Voter’s Guide. We will include his answers to our candidate survey as well as all other opposed candidates who will appear on the ballot. These guides will be printed and ready for distribution by the second week of October. Thank you for your interest in the Family Council Voter’s Guide.

  6. Brittany

    This is awesome. I had heard that he would not be included. I guess Family Council decided to reconsider that decision.

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